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Fourteen Of The Wackiest Things On Anthem Of The Seas

Fourteen Of The Wackiest Things On Anthem Of The Seas

Anthem of the Seas

Heralded by Royal Caribbean as the most technologically advanced cruise ship at sea… ever. That claim is true as far, as it goes (in fact we spent some time seeing just what Anthem had to offer technophobes  – you can see our findings here) but there’s a lot more to Anthem of the Seas than just her technology. In fact there’s so much to see and do that even if you spent a month on-board we’re betting you wouldn’t see everything!

There’s restaurants, bars and entertainment galore on-board but perhaps one of our favourite features on the shop was the artwork.

Different doesn’t even come close to it! Although very (dare we say it) ‘funky’, none of the artwork ever felt ‘in your face’. Although unusual it did a really good job of blending into the background at the same time.

Not convinced? Below is some of our favourite pieces from on-board…

1. Pulse Spiral 

Pulse Spiral is an interactive chandelier by Rafael Lozano Flemmer and consists of two hundred light bulbs. Place your hands on the pedestal underneath and within two seconds the chandelier will begin to pulse in time with your heartbeat. Once you remove your hands your heart recording will be transferred to the lowest bulb, rising through each bulb as someone new uses the display. It’s nice to think your heartbeat will stay on Anthem long after you’ve left (although obviously it’d be nicer if you were allowed to stay forever!)

Pulse spiral

2. Inspirational Art

Anthem of the Seas is full (and we do mean full) of inspirational quotes and slogans like the below. However as uplifting and motivational as we found them we can’t help but feel artwork saying things like “are you sure you need that third burger from the Windjammer” or “really? ANOTHER cocktail?” may have been more useful for our waist line!

Inspirational art

Inspirational art

3. A Giant Trumpet

Located on deck five you’ll find this giant trumpet sculpture surrounded by several of Anthems bars and restaurants. We don’t have much more to say in all honesty….It’s a giant trumpet. (Well we did say some of the artwork was whacky!)

Giant trumpet

4. Anthems Lift Art

Not for Royal Caribbean the cliched mirrored interior for their lifts (or elevators – It is an American ship after all!), not even the burnished steel that some more modern, fancy ships have experimented with.


For Royal Caribbean nothing but animals in makeup, top hats and sunglasses would do!

You’ll find these in all the lifts on-board – Make sure you get a picture of each one to complete the set!

Lift art

Lift art

5. Doughnuts On The Wall

They’re not real donuts (we checked) and we’re not sure why some of them are shaped like Mickey Mouse but they did make a nice change to the inspirational quotes. Although technically they did inspire us to go get a doughnut so that might qualify them as inspirational art again…

What do you think?

Donuts on the wall

6. A Crashed V.W Camper-van

We’re assuming someone didn’t really crash a camper-van on the fifteenth floor (although you never know!)

Found just up from the Seaplex what’s clever about this is that if you head inside to the Doghouse at the top end of the Seaplex you’ll find the back end of the camper’van sticking out; just don’t try to drive it off!


Crashed VW campervan


7. A Statue Outside 270

You can find these two just outside of the 270 theatre and we’re not quite sure what to say expect we’re not sure which of them looks the most uncomfortable!



8. Don’t Look Down

Don’y worry, if you don’t have a head for heights you can skip this bit and take an alternate route but for the brave amongst you the very top set of stairs on Anthem of the Seas gives you a great view of all the way doooooooooooooown!

Dont look down


9. Inspirational Light switches

Would you know what to do with these?

Inspirational light switches

Some of them light up when you switch them, others are just dummies. Find all the correct ones, switch them on and this happens…

Inspirational light switches

(Believe, Love, Live, Dream, Inspire in case you cant make it out)


10. Geolithic Mobile

Located at the top of the stairs just up from the Grande restaurant this display of semi precious stones was really beautiful (although we wouldn’t want to be underneath if any of them ever fell!)

Geolithic Mobile


11. Ummm…

Nope, we’re not sure what to say about this one either – It’s art, we know that because Royal Caribbean told us so but we can’t claim it was our favourite piece on-board! Does anyone else know what this is meant to be? We’re stumped…


12. Stairwell Art

Many cruise lines use the stairwells on their ships to display some beautiful art pieces (those of you taking the lifts everywhere have been missing out!) but again Royal Caribbean decided to go one better and go all out on their stairwell art. We wont spoil it by showing you everything here but this one caught our eye by being really unusual (by normal cruise ships standards anyway; it’s not that unusual for Anthem of the Seas!)

Trainers stairwell art


13. Whoops! It Wasn’t Us (Honest)

Clearly someone at Royal Caribbean HQ has a sense of humour! Located at Seaplex this looks ultra realistic, especially if there’s a basket ball game going on at the time! Make sure you get a picture when you’re on-board so you can ‘claim the credit’!


14. Gigi the Giraffe

No collection of Anthem of the Seas’s artwork would be complete without us giving pride of place to Gigi, the giraffe mascot of Anthem. At over thirty feet high this has to be the biggest piece of art on-board and we’re sure will also very quickly become one of the most photographed giraffes on the planet!

Gigi The Giraffe - anthem of the seas


Anthem of the Seas is a huge ship so we’re sure we’ve missed something (apologies to any of the artists whose work we haven’t included here).

Have you been on Anthem? Seen anything unusual? Make sure you post your pictures in the comments below…

 Not been on Anthem yet? What do you think of the artwork? Let us know below as well…


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