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How You Can Turn The Deck Into the Beach!

How You Can Turn The Deck Into the Beach!

So you’ve booked a cruise and you’re already dying to sprawl yourself out on the warm baked sand of one of the Med’s top beaches. But what are you going to do on board whilst you wait to port? Why, pretend the deck’s the beach of course!

We’ve put our heads together and come up with our top tips for how you can lather on the sun cream, don your flip flops and turn the ship deck into the hottest beach the ocean’s ever seen. Read on if you want to know how you can experience a BBQ like no other, or to discover which cruise line offers sunset yoga sessions…

Soak up the Sun

Why do most people go to the beach? To sunbathe obviously! Just because you’re not on the beach doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the opportunity of topping up your tan. Relax on one of the pool side loungers and sunbathe with a view of the ocean. You could even take the time to read that hot new bestseller. With the ocean view lulling you into a feeling of serenity, you’ll forget you’re on the deck and not on a beach in Menorca. In fact, some would argue it’s better to sunbathe on deck because you won’t get that pesky coating of sand…

Woman sunbathing on the deck

BBQ Like You’ve Never Known it!

Deck BBQ’s are fast becoming a cruise highlight for holiday makers everywhere. In the hot weather the ships culinary staff may spill out onto the deck and provide a BBQ spread that’ll have your mouth watering. Enjoy classics like burgers or divine seafood dishes like lobster, whilst you sail on to your destination.

One of the most talked about Cruise BBQ’s is the Silversea deck party aboard Silver Spirit. Spreading over the 9th and 10th decks and with entertainment ranging from a string quartet, to singers who know all the classics, this truly is like no family BBQ you’ve ever been to. We recommend indulging in the chocolate fountains whilst you admire the exquisite ice sculptures. Who said a BBQ had to be boring just because it’s not on the seafront?

BBQ on the deck

Find Your Inner Zen on the Deck

Lots of beaches around the world offer yoga classes as it’s thought to be the perfect place to find your inner zen.

But if you need to find some peace and tranquillity on-board then simply roll out the yoga mat and snag a good spot because most lines offer yoga classes on the deck. Princess cruises even host sunset yoga sessions where you can get into the zone whilst listening to the cool calm waters lapping against the side of your ship. Now that sounds like the perfect way to relax to us!

Yoga on the deck

Surf the Waves Like You’re on the Beach!

If you’re new to cruising you may not have heard of the Flowrider on board Royal Caribbean ships. If you’re itching to catch some waves, then you need not wait until you port! The surf simulator gives passengers the chance to boogie board, or surf standing up (if you’re brave enough). You can even take advantage of the ship’s instructors who’ll teach you how to surf, so it’s great practice before you port if you don’t want to embarrass yourself by wiping out. Just because you don’t have the ocean waves doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun!

Flowrider on the deck

Watch the Dolphins!

The deck of your ship also offers the perfect opportunity to watch dolphins or whales! (You’ll even get a better view than the actual beach as you’ll be able to spot them underwater more clearly). Many cruise lines give the option to dolphin watch as part of your cruise, and regularly cross through the most marine populated areas so you can watch your favourite marine animal in their natural habitat!

Dolphins on the beach

Do you have any tips for treating the deck like it’s the beach? What’s your favorite way to spend your time on deck? How long did you manage to stand up on the Flowrider for? Let us know in the comments!

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