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Forget Fun in the Sun – Viking Cruises Introduce Indoor Snow Room

Forget Fun in the Sun – Viking Cruises Introduce Indoor Snow Room

Viking are heading away from the chill of Scandinavia and out to ocean – but not before they take a little piece of home with them!

If you’re looking for a cruise with some to juxtapose the usual Caribbean sunshine, then look no further Viking Cruises’ new Snow Grotto , a sub-zero room where passengers can chill out!

Launching from Norway in May, the new Viking Star’s new Snow Grotto will have powder-consistency snow fall from the ceiling for a realistic feeling of indoor snowing.

Seriously brave passengers can use the “Bucket Dump”, a bucket of ice water literally dumped over your head, to get the blood pumping and assumedly the hairs standing on end.

If the cold gets to you a bit much, you can always pop over to the Thermal Suite, dip into the hot tub, sauna, heated pool or even take a few beauty treatments.

In a statement from Viking Cruises they said; “The holistic wellness philosophy of Scandinavia is in mind – from the Nordic ritual of the hydrotherapy pool and the first Snow Room at sea, to materials inspired by Scandinavian nature: Swedish limestone and black slate; juniper and teak wood details; recycled and etched opaque glass; and cast iron.”

The 928-passenger vessel will launch next month – do you fancy a rest in the Snow Grotto, or do you the Thermal Suite is more your thing?


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