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Five Most Common Misconceptions Of MSC Proven Wrong Once And For All!

Five Most Common Misconceptions Of MSC Proven Wrong Once And For All!

There are enough generic cruising misconceptions around as it is without the cruise lines having their own specific ones! And with everyday that passes, the cruise lines tailor themselves even more for every type of guest.

MSC can prove a lot more to cruisers than they may think so, in light of that, our expert cruise community sparked up a conversation on what they really love and admire the global line for.

Prepare for your misconceptions on MSC to be washed away…

1- Only Italian Food Onboard

Wrong! MSC might have been founded in Italy but it is very much a global line with a whole lot of variety and, while all take on food is subjective, our forum member 1fifthavenue has something to say on MSC’s diverse approach:

“Why would I want to have everything like at home when I’m on holiday? The food is med-style, with some international favourites thrown in.


In fact we enjoyed the food so much for my partner’s birthday last year, we hosted a 7-course MSC themed dinner party! The MDR is also open for lunch when in port, which some lines do not do.”  


2- Every Ship Is The Same, Suiting One Type Of Traveller!

Wrong! MSC are fast becoming known as the most modern fleet in the world so the teenagers can take a leaf out of their book, and it makes things even simpler for the older generation (even getting on and off the ship can mean the swipe of a wristband!)

toshtosh said: “MSC offer a range of ships and each class is better for particular types of clients. The smaller older ships are traditional layout, elegant, quieter and suit those wanting a quieter cruise.


The large Fantasia Class ships (Fantasia, Splendida, Divina and Preziosa) are our favourites. They have a layout where all the inside bars are separated with walls so the sound in each is contained, unlike the new Mega ships with promenades.

They are lively and family focused, but there are plenty of places to escape. As with all mainstream cruise ships there is all the expected shops/photo/casino.


3- Too Many Passengers So A Lower Standard of Service

Wrong! Although MSC ships are sizeable vessels (with some ships holding over 5,000 guests), service is highly important to the line for the ultimate cruise experience.

And another advantage of the global line is how well travelled every crew member is themself, meaning they can tune into exactly what kind of service is desired from every single passenger…


1fifthavenue speaks on experience: “I find the discrete service far better than the American style ‘in your face’. Many of the crew recognise us from previous cruises and make a point of getting to know us!


4- Not Much Flexibility & Variety With Itinerary Choices

Wrong! In fact, like we’ve said before, MSC pride themselves on the variety they offer (and it doesn’t just stop at the food and onboard entertainment!)

The line recognise that every single guest has unique preferences and different itineraries will suit them, along with different airports when fly cruises are involved…


1fifthavenue commented: “Many people dislike the fact that you can embark at nearly every port and this results in a lot of coming and going- my partner and I see this as a positive for a few reasons: Embarkation is quicker as there isn’t a turnover of 4000+ passengers, we have flexibility to choose what works best for us with flights from our local airport. You also don’t get that last night feeling where the whole ship is glum.”

Additionally, for me, MSC embodies good value – there are some cracking deals out there! I paid less than £100 pppn for Yacht Club in a forthcoming cruise booked through CRUISE.co.uk.

5- Meraviglia Is Too Big To Make The Most Of

Wrong! MSC Meraviglia may have the capacity to accommodate 5,714 passengers but the ship was designed to make sure you don’t lose your connection to the sea so every part of the ship reminds you why you picked a cruise in the first place!

Each deck is named after different wonders of the world and there features the longest LED sky screen at sea that broadcasts to you atmospheric images and entertainment 24-hours a day…


toshtosh said: The Meraviglia is an awesome experience and very like the Anthem class from RCI. It is very young person, young minded and passenger focused with very few quiet areas. The promenade roof is a spectacular attraction!”


What do you think of these five MSC misconceptions? Has this proven you wrong or were you already onboard with the line? What’s your favourite thing about them that differentiates them from the other brands? Leave us your comments…

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