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Fancy A Free Cruise…? Yes, We’re Serious!

Fancy A Free Cruise…? Yes, We’re Serious!

Would you like to go on a free cruise? And no – it’s not too good to be true!!

Hurtigruten have just announced that if you book a cruise with them then you can get a second one free!

They’re offering a two night whisky taster voyage that leaves from Dover on May 10th this year and if you book another cruise within a month of your return, you will have the original two night cruise refunded completely!

Prices start from just £299 and include a four hour sightseeing tour as well as your transfer, flight to London Gatwick or Heathrow and a whisky tasting session.

During your trip you will learn all about your expedition team’s experiences with polar bears and penguins and you’ll have the chance to try fresh Norwegian cuisine (run Rudolph! Run! – Don’t worry you can have the beef if you don’t fancy the reindeer).

Penguin trip with Hurtigruten

In case you haven’t heard of Hurtigruten, they’re the line that offer the most unique Norwegian cruises currently on the market, with small ships that can take you to the heart of the fiords where larger cruise lines simply can’t go.

They provide an unparalleled immersion into Norwegian culture, giving you the chance to try everything from Husky Sledding to hotels made of ice (so wrap up warm!)

Husky Sled

They are also the cruising leader in trips to see the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights in Norway

With such a great deal on offer, will you be booking a Hurtigruten cruise? Would you like to travel to see the Northern Lights? Let us know in the comments below or if you’d like to learn more about Hurtigruten, click here!


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