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A First Official Look At The Ship That Follows The Sun, MSC Seaside: The Countdown Is Over

A First Official Look At The Ship That Follows The Sun, MSC Seaside: The Countdown Is Over

The ship that is the 14th in its fleet, the ship that’s first in its own unique class, the ship that’s sailing around the Caribbean, the ship that follows the sun; it’s MSC Seaside.

“Seaside is the first ship of a new generation and marks our fifth class of ship,” stated Antonio Paradiso, Managing Director of MSC, at Seaside’s delivery ceremony.

“We wanted to do something different with Seaside with features that bring guests closer to the sea, making the ship perfect for warm climates like the Mediterranean and Caribbean.”

Connection with the Sea

MSC have promised guests that, with Seaside, they have re-written the rulebook of cruise ship design, blending indoor and outdoor areas that have created an unmatched connection with you and the sea.

The panoramic elevators mean that moving around the ship becomes an experience in itself. Guests no longer need to go back inside to travel to a higher or lower deck as the lifts sit on the outside of the ship, so you’ll never lose sight of the spectacular views.

Most Amazing Boardwalk at Sea

MSC have completely changed the game with the seaside waterfront boardwalk that circumnavigates the ship with restaurants, bars and shops to choose from. The glass skywalk will mean you’ll never forget you’re surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery!

Panorama Pool

Continuing with the theme of an incredible connection with the outside, this area has been specially designed to give guests the chance to stay closer to the pool than ever before with an immersive connection with the water.

Double-Deck Atrium

Stretched over two decks, the glass-walled atrium takes innovation to another level with an unforgettable atmosphere and fantastic entertainment, all with ocean views to die for.

Take a closer, more detailed look at MSC Seaside, the ship that follows the sun, below…

**May 2016: The Very First Glimpse Of MSC Seaside**

The www.CRUISE.co.uk team are currently live in Venice taking a look around her whilst MSC Seaside is being built and we can exclusively give you a look at all of the on-board features set to come.

The brand new ship is set to launch in November 2017 and will be the first in MSC’s “Seaside” class of vessels.

Giannai Onoato, MSC cruises Chief Executive Officer told us: “The design of the ship embodies our passion for the sea with innovative features to enhance the enjoyment of the open water and sunshine for our guests. With the highest ratio of outdoor spaces on any of MSC cruises’ ships, guests will also enjoy an increased number of balcony cabins, sea views and public areas.”

He added: “An important feature of an MSC cruises holiday is the dining experience which is distinguished by the extensive variety of Mediterranean and international cuisines on offering and wide range of dining formats available.

Specifically for MSC Seaside, we are developing exciting new dining options for the delight of our guests, with nine eateries featuring cuisines from all around the world including a Pan-Asian restaurant in partnership with an acclaimed chef, Roy Yamaguchi, a luxury seafood restaurant with chef’s table and a world-class international steak house, amongst others.”

The ship will be 323 metres long and weigh in at 160,000 gross tonnes. At maximum capacity, she will hold 5,179 guests and 1,413 crew and be amongst the world’s largest mega ships!

The features we were most excited about were…

The nine dining outlets which include a restaurant dedicated to kids as well as a new selection of speciality restaurants and four themed restaurants including a family pizzeria.

Speciality restaurant MSC Seaside

There will also be 20 bars to choose from!

Speciality restaurant MSC Seaside

The 360 degree promenade used for dining, shopping and sunbathing looked like heaven…

MSC Seaside

The waterpark is even bigger than we had expected and will feature five multi story slides and be completely interactive with an AquaPlay area for children.

There is even a slide that is 111 metres long and an Adventure Trail ropes course! MSC described this as the most interactive waterpark at sea with games to get involved in while you slide down!

MSC Seaside

The glass skywalk will let guests walk over the ocean which MSC told us was designed with the intention to give passengers the impression they are walking on water!

Even the rear lifts have panoramic views of the ocean and they have designed it to sit on the outside of the ship to avoid the traditional layout that means you have to walk into the middle of the ship to move up and down.

By having the glass, panoramic lift on the outside it lets its passengers stay connected with the feel of the sea and the outside!

MSC Seaside

The comedy club looks like a great place to relax and look out at the surf in the evening.

MSC Seaside

The MSC Yacht Club (which is an exclusive area to Yacht Club passengers) has also had a makeover and will have a vast solarium, private lounge and restaurant.

MSC Seaside

MSC Seaside will visit MSC’s brand new private Island, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. They told us that this is more than just a private island and more than just a destination, but it is an extension of the ship that they are proud of and consider it to be a part of the ship itself.

You can get involved in activities here like snorkelling, diving, beach games, water sports and it even has a pavillion for weddings and celebrations (where better to celebrate then on a private island!)

MSC Seaside

MSC have claimed MSC Seaside to be ‘the ship that follows the sun’ having built and designed it around the concept of the outside. They told us that every element of the ship has been designed to enable you to enjoy the outside more e.g. more eating spaces outside, outdoor fitness facilities and even spa treatments out in the fresh air.

MSC’s aim is to immerse its passengers in the different environment and told us that you lose the feel of this when on bigger ships; they want to bring this feeling of the connection with the sea and the outside back, with MSC Seaside.

Other features include the world’s largest zip line on a ship which whizzes thrill seekers from the funnel to the aft over a 130 metre space.

MSC Seaside

Want to find out more about the ship? Watch our video below!

Whilst we were at the coin ceremony we also got to visit some mock-up cabins! Take a look below for an exclusive look…

MSC mock up cabin

We felt that the colour tone of the cabins were leaning more towards Brittania’s taste than MSC’s so are anticipating the ship to appeal more to British passengers!

MSC mock up cabin

There was a definite feel of luxury in the cabins so passengers will not be disappointed, however there was less of a variety in the colour schemes (a toned down version of previous MSC cabin interior).

MSC cabin mock up

You can expect understated elegance and subtle luxury in the cabins on-board MSC Seaside, as you can see in the images we got above!

Would you be interested in sailing on the MSC Seaside? Let us know in the comments below…

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