Everything You Need To Know About Princess Cruises’ Princess Perfect Weddings at Sea

Everything You Need To Know About Princess Cruises’ Princess Perfect Weddings at Sea

If you’ve dreamt of getting married on a cruise ship, Princess Cruises‘ Perfect Weddings at Sea offers packages that ensure the most idyllic day. Picture this: stunning ocean views, the sound of waves gently lapping the ship and the people you love most gathered around as you say your vows; with Princess Cruises’ Weddings, you’ll be sure of a unique and unforgettable experience.

Princess Cruises has long been one of the industry leaders in hosting weddings at sea; their first held over 25 years ago! However, just this summer, the luxury cruise line announced its new programme of wedding packages, Princess Perfect Weddings at Sea. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered, ‘Can I get married on a Princess ship?’ read on as we answer your question. We’ll explore all you need to know about these new packages and what elements they include to ensure your wedding is the dream day you are hoping for!

What are Princess Perfect Weddings at Sea?

Princess Cruises’ Weddings at Sea offer exceptional experiences for couples seeking to celebrate their love, making the special day memorable and unique in the most romantic of ways. Say your wedding vows at sea on one of their luxury cruise ships, where you and your guests can soak up the stunning surroundings, enjoy the impeccable facilities and relax with the attentive service taking care of everything you need.

Simply choose your ultimate cruise destination, the date and type of ceremony, and Princess Cruises’ Weddings will make it all happen. 

TV host and bridal designer Randy Fenoli has been announced as the Love and Romance Ambassador for the new Princess Perfect Weddings at Sea. Regarded as the most trusted source in the bridal industry, you can expect every detail to be beautifully designed and immaculately delivered, just fitting for weddings on Princess Cruises’ ships. 

What is included in a Princess Perfect Wedding at Sea?

With Princess Perfect Weddings at Sea, packages are tailored to your dreams, whether that includes a grand ceremony in The Piazza or exchanging vows out on deck surrounded by spectacular views across the waves. Choose an intimate occasion with those closest to you or a more lavish affair. The ship’s captain performs all weddings at sea, adding an extra level of splendour to the whole experience. 

Or, if you prefer, you can say your vows on land in one of the stunning destinations on the cruise itinerary, with the ceremony conducted by a local officiant.

A dedicated wedding specialist is also included in Princess Perfect Wedding at Sea packages, working with you pre-cruise and onboard. They’ll make sure every wedding detail is flawlessly provided to your specific wishes, from the flowers and decorations to music and photography. 

The cost of Princess Cruises’ Wedding at Sea does not include your cruise fare, so you will need to factor that into your budget. However, once on board, you’ll get to enjoy all the fantastic amenities that Princess Cruises’ ships offer.

From the first-class dining and entertainment, luxury spa facilities, exciting onboard activities and exceptional service, you’ll feel thoroughly spoiled throughout your holiday-turned-honeymoon as a newly married couple. 

What different Princess Cruises wedding packages are available?

Princess Perfect Weddings at Sea offers three at-sea wedding packages, as well as bespoke onshore ceremony options:

Perfect Pair Wedding

Enjoy an intimate at-sea wedding with those nearest and dearest to you. This one of Princess Cruises’ wedding options is designed for a couple and up to two guests. 

It includes an indoor or outdoor ceremony officiated by the ship’s captain, a keepsake certificate, flowers, a wedding cake and a sparkling wine toast. You’ll get your own photographer for the day, with prints of your favourite moments. And before the big day, you and your partner can enjoy a romantic breakfast, alongside the cabin gifts and goodies that are provided.

Timeless Ceremony at Sea (ceremony only)

This Princess Cruises wedding package includes the couple and up to eight guests. You’ll have access to everything from the Perfect Pair Wedding, as well as a solo live musician during the ceremony and digital high-resolution photos alongside your prints.

Timeless Ceremony at Sea (ceremony and reception)

For couples seeking a bigger wedding celebration, this Princess Cruises wedding package is for you. It includes you and your partner and up to eighteen guests. Enjoy everything from the Timeless Ceremony at Sea package, as well as a reception to celebrate your life as newlyweds. You’ll also get bridal hair and make-up, a solo live musician for the ceremony and reception, welcome cocktails and a couple’s premium dining experience.

Across all at-sea wedding packages, you can opt for a legal wedding with a marriage licence or a symbolic wedding.

On-Shore weddings options

If you like the idea of a cruise holiday being a part of your wedding but would still prefer to get married on dry land, Princess Cruises also offer weddings ashore. These are fully customised according to your wishes, including when, where and on which ship you would like to have your celebrations.

Discover more onboard romantic packages from Princess Cruises

As well as the three Princess Cruises’ Weddings at Sea options, you can also celebrate other special moments with your loved one on board with these couples-only packages:

Renew the Love 

Renew your vows and strengthen your bond as a couple in the most romantic way with this Princess Cruises package. Included is an indoor or outdoor ceremony conducted by the ship’s captain, flowers, celebration cake, photographer and prints, and a sparkling wine toast.

You’ll also have access to a pre-cruise and onboard coordinator to ensure everything is meticulously organised for your perfect day, as well as thoughtful cabin gifts for that added touch of indulgence.

Princess Perfect Proposals 

Planning the perfect proposal is a tricky task. Princess Cruises can give you a helping hand with their Princess Perfect Proposals package. A pre-cruise and onboard coordinator will help create a secret proposal setup, either indoors or outdoors. The package also includes a single rose, celebration cake, photographer and prints, and cabin gifts.

What is the cost of a Princess Cruises’ Wedding at Sea?

It may surprise you to learn that the cost of a wedding at sea actually works out better value than many land-based venues. With all the key elements of a wedding included in your package, the price is typically significantly lower than similar-level traditional weddings.

Furthermore, with your wedding taking place on a cruise, you’ll have a luxury honeymoon taking you to a range of breathtaking destinations to enjoy right away!

Having a wedding at sea is one of the most unique and romantic ways to celebrate the start of your new partnership. And Princess Cruises have the experience to ensure that everything goes smoothly and you will cherish the memories of your special day.

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