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Everything You Need To Know About Princess Cruises MedallionClass®

Everything You Need To Know About Princess Cruises MedallionClass®

Wear an elegant, gold Medallion® for your holiday with Princess Cruises, and you can access next-level, on-demand personalised service. This device, part of the Princess MedallionClass® experience, leverages the latest in wearable technology to add ease, speed and fun to your cruise.

Below, we reveal all of what you can expect when choosing Princess MedallionClass® for your cruise.

The OceanMedallionTM wearable device

When Princess Cruises initially developed MedallionClass® (pre-2020), its aim was to provide highly personalised service. However, using this sophisticated consumer electronic technology also delivers the benefit of reduced contact between guests and crew, which has obviously become a primary concern over the last two years.

Princess MedallionClass® services and features are accessed via a wearable medallion device that is the size of a small casino chip. You can choose to wear the device on a lanyard as part of your cruise card or have it customised and integrated with one of a range of accessories, e.g., a bracelet, pendant, sports band or clip. The device is free to all guests travelling on a MedallionClass® ship.

The OceanMedallionTM wearable device is waterproof, heat-, sand- and salt-resistant and requires no charging. It also interacts with the MedallionClass App to provide additional onboard digital experiences.

The benefits of Princess MedallionClass®

  • Expedited embarkation and touch-free boarding
    • Choose your arrival window to avoid the queues and enjoy faster, effortless embarkation.
    • Securely upload passport information, health questionnaires and payment information to streamline arrival procedures.
  • Keyless stateroom entry
    • Secure validation of your OceanMedallionTM wearable device allows hands-free entry to your stateroom. Receive a personalised greeting and enjoy the security of an automatic door lock after entry.
    • Request privacy or ‘do not disturb’ status using the MedallionClass App.
  • Simplified, digital safety training
    • All guests need to go through the onboard safety information or ‘muster drill’, but now you can do it digitally via a video in your stateroom or on your device before the ship departs.
    • Then visit your designated muster station and complete the contactless check-in using your medallion.
  • Personalised, on-demand service
    • Order food and drink, or request essentials, such as towels, to wherever you are on the ship and whenever needed with no additional charge.
    • Access guest services via mobile chat.
  • View and book events and dining
    • Check availability and make reservations for live entertainment, music, games and dance classes.
    • Choose your dining time and restaurant or book speciality dining.
    • Add your plans to a personalised itinerary.
  • Contactless shopping
    • Use MedallionPay to purchase anything on the ship, including food, drink, merchandise and excursions.
    • All completely touchless and secure, without needing a card or pin number.
  • The best wi-fi at sea with MedallionNet®
    • Enjoy easy streaming of your favourite movies, shows and music.
    • Access social media, email, text and video chat.
  • Navigate the ship and locate your travel companions
    • Find your way around with turn-by-turn directions.
    • Use OceanCompassTM to chat with family and friends and find their location.
  • Entertainment and interactive fun
    • Enjoy interactive games throughout the ship and on your mobile device while on your cruise holiday.
    • Play casino games using your smart device, the ship portals or your stateroom TV.
    • Use OceanViewTM to watch the latest films and live TV broadcasts of select events onboard.

Princess Cruises transformed more of their vessels into smart ships during the lockdown, so they can now offer MedallionClass® on Coral Princess, Diamond Princess, Emerald Princess, Grand Princess, Island Princess, Majestic Princess, Sapphire Princess and the new Enchanted Princess.

To book your next cruise with Princess Cruises, please get in touch with our cruise specialists.

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