Everything You Need To Know About Cunard’s Celebrations at Sea

Everything You Need To Know About Cunard’s Celebrations at Sea

When celebrating momentous occasions like weddings or vow renewals, there’s no better way to create cherished memories than with Cunard’s Celebrations at Sea. With its reputation for grandeur and elegance, Cunard offers a truly exceptional experience for those seeking to mark those all-important lifetime moments at sea.

So, if you’re planning a special cruise ceremony, read on to discover our complete guide to Cunard’s celebration packages.

What are Cunard’s Celebrations at Sea?

Cunard’s Celebrations at Sea offers you the opportunity to enjoy a first-class celebration uniquely tailored to your special event, all while sailing onboard one of Cunard’s spectacular ships. Whether you wish to celebrate your wedding, renew your vows, propose to your loved one or enjoy a milestone anniversary, Cunard can provide everything to make these memories exceptional.

Imagine champagne served by white-gloved waiters, stunning flowers entwining the bannisters of the sweeping staircase and fine-dining food that will wow each one of your guests as you cruise to some of the most spectacular destinations in the world.

Cunard ceremonies at sea offer a multitude of superb options designed to delight you and your guests and make mesmerising memories that last a lifetime.

You’ll have four iconic Cunard cruise ships to choose from:
Queen Anne – the newest of the fleet with a contemporary yet classic feel
Queen Mary 2 – Cunard’s largest ship, designed to ensure swift and comfortable transit across the Atlantic
Queen Victoria – much-loved for its intimate and elegant feel
Queen Elizabeth – offering unique art deco style for a stylish and refined experience

Next, decide which venues will suit your style of celebration: modern or traditional, intimate or spacious. And then, it’s time to get creative and plan the extra touches that add opulence to your event.

Can I get married on a Cunard ship?

If you are planning your wedding and are wondering, can I get married on a cruise ship, then the answer is yes, and a wedding on a Cunard cruise ship will offer an incredible experience.

Choose a wedding on a Cunard cruise ship, and you can be assured that the ceremony specialists and crew will look after your every need from the moment you wake until your head hits the pillow, exhausted from a fantastic day.

With their White Star Service, you could start the day with breakfast in bed before heading to Mareel Wellness and Beauty for a pampering and makeover session. After a delicious light lunch, it’s time to get dressed for your special ceremony.

Your ship’s Captain or Deputy Captain will conduct the civil service, and, with Cunard ceremonies at sea pulling out all the stops, you can be sure that every moment will be perfect as your guests look on in awe. Relax and enjoy time together before taking your seats for an exquisite dining experience.

With an area of the restaurant dedicated to just you and your guests, you can enjoy a multi-course fine dining meal with freshly prepared dishes accompanied by your selection of wine and champagne. Alternatively, you could opt for a celebration buffet with a carefully curated menu served in a private venue.

Then the evening is yours, whether you choose to dance the night away or wander on deck under the starlight, taking a moment to soak up the final moments of your special day.

Can I renew my vows on a Cunard ship?

There couldn’t be a more romantic way to renew your vows than at sunset on a cruise or under the sparkling lights of a great ballroom chandelier. So, if you’re considering renewing your vows on a cruise ship, Cunard’s Celebrations at Sea offer some magical options.

With a ceremony conducted by the Captain or Deputy Captain and your nearest and dearest gathered on board one of Cunard’s elegant vessels, you can reaffirm your commitment to your partner and celebrate the special love that you share. Pop a bottle of champagne, enjoy an outstanding meal at The Steakhouse and capture these one-in-lifetime moments with the onboard photographer.

Can I get engaged on a Cunard ship?

Proposals are another one of life’s unique moments that deserve a stunning setting to make unforgettable memories. Cunard’s Celebrations at Sea are perfect for these events. With a Cunard’s Ceremonies Specialist to help you plan the details of that question-asking moment that can change the direction of your entire lifetime, you can be assured that everything will run smoothly and (fingers-crossed) you get the answer you hope for.

Linger over an intimate dinner and a glass of champagne before taking a walk on the moonlit deck until the moment is just perfect to propose. Cunard’s dedicated crew will have champagne ready to toast the moment and a photographer at hand to ensure you have pictures of your special evening.

What is included in a Cunard Celebration at Sea?

Cunard Celebrations at Sea 2023 and 2024 have some outstanding packages that can be tailored to suit your wishes to ensure your event is delivered as you’ve dreamed.

For weddings or vow renewals on Cunard, packages are for up to ten guests, with the option for more at a supplement. All aspects of the ceremony are included, such as the venue, service, certificate, music, photographer and a bottle of champagne.

If you are renewing your vows, you can have a bouquet and a buttonhole, with weddings also including flower arrangements and a hand-decorate wedding cake.

You and your partner will get priority boarding when embarking in Southampton, a champagne breakfast in bed, and a complimentary dinner for two at The Steakhouse.

For more intimate occasions, such as engagements, Cunard’s celebration packages include dinner for two at The Steakhouse, as well as a bottle of champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, a photographer in attendance, framed photos and discounts on jewellery and a wedding with Cunard.

Whichever Cunard anniversary package you choose, you’ll have a Ceremony Specialist to help you tailor your package to suit the occasion perfectly. From selecting the ideal flower arrangement to creating the perfect soundtrack or designing your wedding cake, they will ensure every detail is in place.

The Ceremony Specialist can also help plan your celebration meal, whether that’s curating a special buffet menu or organising a dedicated area for your traditional celebration dining.

You can also add optional extras to your package to elevate the luxury further. For example, you may like a relaxing pampering session in the spa or to immerse yourselves in one of Cunard’s unique shore experiences. Or perhaps, you’re seeking to treat your loved one with a special gift from the onboard boutiques, such as a beautiful piece of jewellery or a stunning piece of artwork.

How do I book a Cunard’s Celebrations at Sea?

If you’d like to celebrate your special occasion on board a luxury cruise ship, contact Cunard’s specialists to explore all the options available for making your romantic event memorable.

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