Every Reason You Should’ve Booked An Escorted Cruise By Now

Every Reason You Should’ve Booked An Escorted Cruise By Now

Picture this: you’ve decided on where you’re cruising next to, and you’re thinking about that dreamy destination on an even dreamier ship. You just want the countdown to your holiday to begin already, but you’re wondering how to get the most out of every port of call…

There’s no point crossing seas to stumble around lost, wasting time when you could be exploring famous landmarks, beautiful scenery and hidden gems that you just don’t get at home.

The great news is that escorted tours solve every problem like this, giving you peace of mind that you’ll make it back to the ship in time, comfort of reliable travel and a guarantee that you’ll experience something new! Here is every benefit of an escorted tour you’ll thank us for later…


1- Personal Guide

Yep, that’s right- hand everything over to your own personal guide. Don’t worry about stopping every few seconds to check your map, making sure you have internet on your phone in case you get lost, or even checking the time so you’re not the one running after the ship once its left!

escorted tour

It is the ultimate peace of mind to put matters into the hands of the expert. They’ll always be one step ahead of you in regards to organisation and interesting information on where you’re headed next, so just relax!


2- Chauffeured To Your New Home

There’s nothing worse than arriving in an unfamiliar city and not having a clue where to head with all of your suitcases and bags! Not to worry though, the escorted tours have got this covered.

escorted tour

You’ll be met on arrival and transferred to your accommodation no problem! This will completely take the usual pre-holiday stress away as you won’t be the one doing the organising for once…


3- Get All The Inside Info

Although sometimes we like to just stroll round somewhere new, admiring the scenery and stopping for some local food, we don’t often know any background information- and wouldn’t that just round off a trip nicely?

escorted tour

You’ll leave with all the local knowledge about wherever you’ve been touring so you have some new facts to take home to family and friends (much better than saying they had some nice buildings, right?)


4- Travel In Comfort & Style

Forget about carrying a travel pillow around with you everywhere you go- the escorted tours make sure you’re travelling comfortably via coach or train, depending on where you’re headed!

escorted tour

No need to be worrying about local currency for trams and trains, or timetables for other local public transport: it’s all sorted!


5- Free To Relax

As we’ve mentioned, escorted tours really do take the stress out of the organisation that usually goes hand in hand with a holiday. But, this means being free to solely concentrate on really enjoying your trip!

escorted tour

From tasting meals and local speciality cuisine to appreciating the sites for what they really are- plenty of time to really soak up some new culture, exciting atmosphere and to get the best photos to add to the album at home.


6- Meet Likeminded People

Sure, you’ll be headed to new destinations and seeing new things but who’s to say you’ll meet new people like you onboard your ship or around a new city?

escorted tour

By booking an escorted tour, you’re guaranteed to be meeting people in exactly the same mindset as you! You’ll be on tour with others who have a passion for travel and experiencing new culture. What could be better?


7- Safe In The Knowledge

Time and time again, holidaymakers end up stranded or out of money because they didn’t go ATOL protected but here at www.CRUISE.co.uk, we don’t let that happen!

escorted tour


You’ll be safe in the knowledge that all of your travel arrangements are protected by ATOL, so it really is a package you can rely on where everything is included and taken care of. Book an escorted tour and leave your troubles at home.


What do you think of escorted tours? Have you ever been on one or is it something you’d like to do? What benefits do you see? Leave us your thoughts and comments below!

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