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Epic Engines Thanks To Rolls Royce

Epic Engines Thanks To Rolls Royce

It goes without saying that cruise ships and cars are two entirely different modes of transport so the latest partnership between Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and Rolls-Royce may come as a bit of a surprise.

The announcement came about after the line began discussing ways in which it could improve its Norwegian Epic vessel, which was added to the fleet back in 2010.

One main area of interest was passenger comfort and after deliberating with the car manufacturer, Rolls-Royce agreed to implement its permanent magnet tunnel thruster to upgrade the propulsion package onboard Norwegian Epic.

The new move will bring a significant reduction in noise and vibration and an increase in power output of as much as 25 per cent, with the added bonus of being removable underwater to eliminate the need for dry docking.

Jay McFadyen, senior vice president at Rolls-Royce, said: “Passenger comfort is a top priority for cruise lines, and the reduction of both noise and vibration, which our permanent magnet technology provides, is of paramount importance to successful cruise operators like NCL.

“This highly innovative and cutting edge permanent magnet technology is suitable for a range of applications in both merchant and offshore vessels, where exceptionally low noise levels, high power output, and rapid response to power demand will benefit operators, crew and, very importantly, passengers alike.”

So with new, improved levels of passenger comfort, are you tempted to go on a sailing aboard the Norwegian Epic?

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