Embrace The Extreme: Five Reasons Why Alaska Should Be Your Next Adventure Stop

Embrace The Extreme: Five Reasons Why Alaska Should Be Your Next Adventure Stop

Alaska, the biggest state in the US at more than 663,000 square miles, is a place of beauty, adventure and awe all wrapped up in one. Its sheer size could swallow England ten times over and it brings over 1 million visitors a year to experience its true wilderness.

This state is for the adventurer, the explorer and the tourist who wants to explore the unique. You’ll be mere moments away from witnessing wildlife in its most natural form and can experience everything from whale watching to glacier cruising to waiting for the Northern lights!

Visit Alaska and tick lots off your bucket list with snowy mountain peaks as your new surroundings and hiking on the glaciers as your new pastime.


If you weren’t already aware, Canada has just celebrated its 150th anniversary! Canada Day happens annually but this marks a significant moment in its history; 150 years since Canada was recognised as an independent nation, and because of this, the locals have been celebrating all year round.

It has given Canadians the opportunity to get involved in their communities and to celebrate together their shared values, achievements, majestic environment and country’s place in the world. The major themes of the 150th anniversary of Confederation are diversity and inclusion, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, environment and youth.

So without further ado, here are five reasons to make Alaska your next adventure stop…


1- A New Way To Travel With Husky Dog Sledding

Adrenaline in Alaska comes in the form of sledding with the huskies! They’ll welcome you to their outdoor kennel before they take you on an expedition across the glacier where you can sit back and take in the surrounding scenery (maybe even some dramatic hanging glaciers!)

alaska husky sledding

This is an Alaskan tradition and a state obsession that will make you immediately want to go home and scrap your Uber app! It’s a real unique way to start or end your adventure in the capital city, why not get into the spirit of Alaska and experience the views in the right way…


2- The Capital Holds The Gold- Juneau

Alaska’s capital is home to more trails than road and is only accessible by boat or plane! Natural beauty is at the heart of Juneau so the stunning backdrop will be handed to you as soon as you arrive, and this is before you’ve even considered whale watching…

alaska juneau

Witness the city’s diverse marine life up close here with killer whales, steller sea lions and humpback whales; they’re so commonly seen that you’re guaranteed a sighting of them! Why not hike to the Mendenhall Glacier that sits in the largest national forest in the United States?

alaska gold rush

This is where part of the rich history to Alaska lies with the Gold Rush- you can try panning some gold for yourself as the perfect souvenir in the name of the millions that rushed to Alaska in the hope to strike gold back in 1896!



3- Immerse Yourself In The Wilderness Lodges

These are a top tourist attraction in Alaska for a reason and are renowned for being the perfect place for a spot of wildlife viewing. Think hot tubs overlooking a National Park, the serenity that comes from being nestled deep into a forest and the chance to hike and do rafting in between!

alaska lodges

Swap your average summer holiday hotel for a lodge in the woods and be surprised by comfort that equals the type you’ve created in your own homes: king size bed’s, wood burning stove, a television and a telephone if you fancy keeping in touch with the outside world.

alaska lodges

Although it wouldn’t be hard to immerse yourself in an Alaskan bubble if that’s what you fancy- it’s like its own little world with restaurants that feature signature Alaskan cuisine, a dinner theatre, village shops, tour desk and gift shops. You can always rely on your view of the mountains and forests and you can officially tick viewing North America’s tallest mountain off your list!


4- Recapture The Romance of Rail Journeys With The Rocky Mountaineer

Alaska is a place that cannot be experienced plainly and you’ll never have travelled on a train quite like the Rocky Mountaineer. With its panoramic windows and first class service you can explore the wild beauty of Canada on four different unique rail routes!

alaska rocky mountaineer

Visit Alaska and you’ll have the chance to be put right in the middle of the awe-inspiring scenery of the Canadian Rockies whilst you sit back, relax and be delivered delicious meals. Get your tourist photograph’s through the glass-domed windows as you glide past turquoise blue waters, snow-capped mountains and a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

alaska rocky mountaineer

It’s been named the ‘World’s Leading Travel Experience By Train’ and one of the ‘World’s Greatest Trips’. Choose Alaska and be a part of something iconic and award-winning!


5- Up Close And Personal With The Wildlife

A big part of experiencing Alaska is its vast array of wildlife! It has the world’s highest number of Brown, Black, Grizzly and Polar Bears in the world, and can be found in most of the state’s forests. You might have only witnessed the big Grizzly’s in the films and nature documentaries up until now but you can officially see them for real here in their natural habitat!

alaska grizzly bear

There’s no need to feel intrusive either here as if you glide along the sea by cruise, the humpback whales will come close to you to show off their tails when diving! Be prepared to be surprised by their agile acrobatics and make the most of being in the Alaskan surroundings because this is the best place to wait to witness the spectacular view of them.

alaska humpback whale

You can see everything from bald eagles to polar bears to killer whales to moose and dall sheep!


Alaska screams variety, beauty and adventure all at the same time with your choices of activity, accommodation and pastimes. The icy settings will give you peaceful views you’ve never imagined before and the state’s traditions pour through in the likes of husky dog sledding, setting up in camp in the lodges and its unique ways to explore the views. Embrace the extreme and choose Alaska as your next adventure stop!

Have you ever visited Alaska before? What was the most amazing sight you experienced? If you haven’t, what do you most want to do there? Leave us your comments!

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