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Eight Surprising Facts You Never Knew About MSC

Eight Surprising Facts You Never Knew About MSC

So, when you first think of MSC you might think of their expertise on the Mediterranean and the notion that everything on-board screams Italian (no matter how misguided this may be), but there’s a lot more to this cruise line than you may think.

Did you know they have three partnerships with three different companies, each with a different passenger-orientated purpose? Or did you know about its most exclusive and newest destination currently under construction?

No? We didn’t either! Keep reading to feel as enlightened as we now do on MSC, the cruise line with more under its sleeve than we knew before, including their surprising love of Lego…

1 – Evergrowing

The cruise line was founded in 1990 by the owner and chairman, Gianluigi Aponte, and the family-run line has grown over 800% over the last nine years, employing 12,000 employees and establishing 45 offices worldwide. Nothing can stop them!

msc waiters

2 – Lego Crazy

MSC have teamed up with the Lego group to bring a programme to the ships that offer competitions and games to kids and families on-board. The Lego Group are another family business that is built on strong values and are recognized worldwide for it so are the perfect company to team up with MSC to give kids and families new memorable experiences!

The Lego Group has also launched a LEGO MSC Cruises toy of their next ship to launch in 2017, MSC Meraviglia, so keep your eyes peeled!


3 – Follow The Sun

They have more balcony cabins than any other cruise line! These Med experts pride themselves on bringing their passengers closer to the sea and with the real reason they chose a cruise for their holiday!

They state that their ships are vessels that ‘follow the sun’ and pride themselves on their balcony stateroom ratio, so if you share their love of private sea views then bag yourself a cabin with MSC!

msc balcony


4 – More 21st Century Than The Teenagers

MSC are becoming known as the ‘most modern fleet in the world’ and have an exclusive partnership with Samsung where the company will fully equip all of MSC’s next-generation ships from cabin wide screen TV’s to interactive screens round the ships for passengers to find their way around and to make on-board reservations/purchases.

msc samsung

So no more queuing for the reception desk for any queries, you’ll get an answer to all of your questions in the most 21st century way you could imagine…


5 – Secret Destination

Anyone ever fancied their own private island? Well, MSC have beaten us to it! Ocean Cay is has been under construction. has just had its Groundbreaking Ceremonyand will be the cruise line’s private island found 20 miles south of Bimini and 65 miles east of Miami.

A purpose-built pier will replace the hassle of tender boats and it’ll even have a zip line for anyone feeling adventurous (and you can get married on the island too!)

msc private island

We can expect the launch in December 2017 as it’s taking a full two years to construct since the beginning and £134 million too- so we can definitely have high hopes for this secluded getaway!


6 – Walking On Crystals

You’ll find Swarovski crystal staircases on-board in the atrium and each step is supposedly valued at $30,000 each so you can step off the ship officially saying you’ve walked down the most expensive staircase you’ve ever come across!

msc facts staircase


7 – Acrobatics At Dinner

MSC and Cirque du Soleil are officially two things you can now put together, even if you never thought you would. The long-term partnership between the two has meant that the Carousel Lounge you’ll find on-board an MSC ship was purposely built for the needs of the performers and guests can even dine as they watch the acts!

msc cirque du soleil

MSC brings Cirque du Soleil to perform at sea for the very first time with an 180 degree circular glass wall and the chance to perform two shows a night, 6 days a week- you’ve got to see this!


8 – Mini Chefs In The Making

MSC have recently further enhanced entertainment for kids across the whole fleet with a DOREBRO sports programme and a children’s cooking class with famous chef, Carlo Cracco, where kids aged 3-11 can learn to make dishes from scratch whilst getting tips from the globally renowned chef. Dinner times at home just got easier for you parents!

msc cooking classes


Those were eight things you didn’t know about MSC! So what do you think of the new partnerships? Are your kids Lego fans or do you and the family fancy dining under acrobatics? Are you always a sucker for a balcony cabin or are you dying for a selfie next to those Swarovski crystals?

If you’re already a fan of MSC, have your say in the www.CRUISE.co.uk’s people’s cruise awards here!


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