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Earth, Wind And Fire To Help Azamara Makeover

Earth, Wind And Fire To Help Azamara Makeover

The Azamara Journey and Quest will be undergoing major changes in dry dock soon.

In 2016 the two ships will have “Destination Immersion” brought on-board.

This means that they will have features that remind their guests of the lands, rivers and beaches that they visit upon their cruise, based on the four elements of nature.

Earth has inspired the muted colour palette of earth tones that will be added throughout the ship.

discoveries restaurant

Water is represented in the new spa suites which will feature rain showers with ocean views and outdoor Jacuzzi tubs.

spa suite

Air is found in the new open air venues which include and Asian al fresco restaurant.

al fresco asian restaurant

Finally, fire is seen in the new outdoor Pool & Grill and revitalised entertainment areas.

pool grill


Azamara say that “no area will go untouched” by the changes introduced during dry dock.

Are you excited to see the changes that will be brought to Azamara’s new ships? Let us know in the comments below!

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