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Dynamic Dining announced for Allure of the Seas

Dynamic Dining announced for Allure of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Cruises has announced that Dynamic Dining services will be available on the Allure of the Seas vessel.

Allure of the Seas at sea

Allure of the Seas at sea

The service offers a new take on conventional dining, with smaller restaurants replacing a main eatery. Food is available throughout the ship to enable passengers to take full advantage of the exceptional views offered on the ship.

Each of the different diners will provide its own unique ambiance and cuisine, though some will be complimentary and others will incur a cover charge.

Full details are yet to be announced, but the layout on the Oasis of the Seas ship is available to view, which includes a number of new restaurants. Dynamic Dining is set to begin on the vessel in March 2015.

On the other hand, Allure of the Seas is expected to enter drydock in May 2015. From then onwards, it will offer Mediterranean cruises until October 2015.

Dynamic Dining will provide an array of speciality new restaurants and, with no set dining times, people will be able to pick and choose when and what they eat onboard the ship.

There are also no assigned seats or necessary formal nights, giving passengers more flexibility to arrange their days by their own needs.

The Allure of the Seas is measured at 360 metres, making it one of Royal Caribbean’s largest vessels and features a stunning range of amenities. These include an ice skating rink and a dance hall.

Many of the ship’s interiors were designed by established muralist Clarissa Parish, helping to give the vessel a unique look and atmosphere.

The introduction of Dynamic Dining is sure to give travellers more opportunities to explore the vessel and find the right meals and restaurants to suit their personalities.

With Royal Caribbean facing strong competition from many other lines, it will hope that Dynamic Dining will help to increase sales even further.

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