Drinks Package Exclusive: P&O Are Rolling Out Brand New Options!

Drinks Package Exclusive: P&O Are Rolling Out Brand New Options!

P&O has just revealed some exciting changes to its onboard drink options.

Guests cruising for five or more nights will have the opportunity to take advantage of the four options, which have been designed to suite varied tastes.

The new regime will be rolled out across the entire fleet in March 2019 on the below dates:

Azura- March 22nd 2019

Britannia- April 7th 2019

Aurora- April 8th 2019

Oceana- April 18th 2019

Ventura- April 23rd 2019

Arcadia- May 5th 2019

P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow said: “We have introduced these drinks packages following direct feedback from our guests.

They add even more value for guests on our cruises and can help with the all important holiday budgeting too.”

P&O’s “Ultimate Drinks Package”

This will include a large choice of beers, spirits, cocktails, liqueurs and wines by the glass.

It also entails bottled water, draught soft drinks, long life juices, Costa coffee, teas, hot chocolates and non-alcoholic cocktails.

The drinks package will cost passengers £39.95pp per day.

Items exceeding £6.95 (such as bottles of wine) are excluded, however will benefit from a 20% discount.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Package

This option is also due to be introduced which will feature unlimited bottled water, draught soft drinks, long life juices; Costa coffee; teas; hot chocolates and non-alcoholic cocktails.

This will cost P&O guests £19.95pp per day if they choose it for their cruise.

Hot Drinks Packages

This option will entitle guests to unlimited Costa coffee, hot chocolate and teapigs teas and will cost £10.95pp per day.

A Children’s Drinks Package

This includes draught soft drinks (Pepsi, lemonade, tonic and soda), selected long life juices, hot chocolate, and fruit squash or cordial by the glass.

It will cost £7.95pp per day and is available to any child aged 16 and under.

The package is complimentary for children who are travelling in the same cabin as adults purchasing the Ultimate Drinks Package.

Ludlow continued: “With a vast range of drinks included, our guests will be spoilt for choice and can try new wines, artisan gins or cocktails, for example, which they would not normally have at home.”

P&O guests should note that drinks packages should be purchased during the first two days of the cruise.

Loyalty discounts will be applied when purchasing a drinks package.

Guests who opt for the Ultimate Drinks Package are also entitled to a 20% discount on a variety of other soft drinks, mixers, bottles of wine or other drinks which are not included in the package.


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What are you thinking about P&O’s new drinks options? What package would you choose first? Do you think drinks packages make things so much easier on your cruise? Let us know!

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