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Drinks And Snacks You Are Permitted To Take Onboard Each Cruise Line

Drinks And Snacks You Are Permitted To Take Onboard Each Cruise Line

Today’s food and drink choices on most cruise ships are exceptional, offering everything from fine dining to street food snacks and treats. However, sometimes you fancy a taste from home. Or perhaps you have a specific dietary requirement that could mean your options are less extensive.

Many cruise guests question whether they can bring their own drinks (soft or alcoholic) or snacks onboard, and the short answer is that it depends on your cruise line. Below, we’ve put together a table sharing the guidelines on bringing drinks and snacks aboard some of the leading cruise lines.

Be aware that these food and drink allowances are only for your boarding day. It does not mean you can bring a fresh bottle of wine onto the ship each time you visit a different port! In fact, any alcohol bought ashore or from the onboard cruise shops will be held by the cruise line until the end of your cruise.

Cruise LineFood/Snacks AllowancesAlcoholic Drinks
Non-Alcoholic Drinks Allowances
Royal Caribbean CruisesNon-perishable, pre-packaged food allowed in limited quantities Two 750 ml bottles of wine or Champagne per stateroom (as long as one guest is of legal drinking age) Up to 12 standard (17 oz.) cans, bottles or cartons of non-alcoholic drinks. Water is included in this allowance.
Princess CruisesPre-packaged items only
Fresh food is highly discouraged and will be restricted by customs
One bottle of wine or Champagne
per adult of drinking age (no larger than 750 ml). Additional bottles will be charged a corkage fee of $15
No limit
Celebrity CruisesPerishable food and meat products are prohibitedUp to two bottles of wine (which are subject to a corkage fee) per guestUnlimited water or soda
P&O CruisesOnly allowed under certain circumstances and only for personal consumptionPerishable food is prohibitedUp to 1L of wine, Champagne, beer, spirit, or liqueur for adults of legal drinking age  Up to 12 canned drinks only. Most other non-alcoholic drinks prohibited
Norwegian Cruise LinePre-packaged items onlyWine is not limited but is subject
to a corkage fee
Only distilled water required for medical needs and in a factory-sealed container
Cunard CruisesBringing your own food is discouragedOne bottle of wine or ChampagneNo limit
MSC CruisesOnly for medical purposes, as confirmed in advance by MSC CruisesProhibitedOnly water for medical purposes, as confirmed in advance by MSC Cruises
Saga CruisesNo restrictions provided, but be aware of customs regulations No strict alcohol policy, but be
aware of customs regulations
No restrictions provided, but be aware of customs regulations

Other things to note

Packing your drinks

When bringing alcoholic drinks on board, pack them in your carry-on/hand luggage. This avoids breakages and allows for inspection if required. Some cruise lines also ask you to do the same with non-alcoholic drinks.

Consuming your drinks

Some cruise lines apply a corkage fee wherever you drink your own alcohol. However, on other ships, your wine or Champagne can be enjoyed in your cabin fee-free, and corkscrews are provided. But if you wish to drink them in their restaurants or bars, a corkage fee will be applied. Check with your cruise line for their specific regulations.

Drink on balcony

Prohibited items

Most cruise lines do not allow spirits or beer to be brought on board (P&O being one exception). Perishable items and meat are also generally prohibited and are often restricted at customs.

vegetarian menu option

Baby food and special dietary requirements

Many cruise lines provide baby food. However, often you are allowed to bring your own if it is pre-packaged. You can also bring formula, milk or distilled water needed for infant, medical, or dietary requirements onto most ships. If you do have a medical or dietary need, get in touch with your cruise line directly, as they can often give specific authorisation for these items as needed.


If you have any other questions about what you can bring on your next cruise holiday, please speak to our cruise specialists, who can provide you with the most up-to-date information.

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