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Don’t Let Brexit Woes Stop You From Cruising… 

Don’t Let Brexit Woes Stop You From Cruising… 

The Brexit extension to 31st October 2019 provided certainty that all current arrangements for travel are as they are today. However, most Britons live with concerns over what disruption might be caused in the event of a no-deal Brexit post 31st October 2019…

Cruise.co.uk wants to provide you with absolute simplicity when it comes to cruise bookings post that October Brexit date and have provided a Brexit Assurance, 

 As always Cruise.co.uk is a fully protected ABTA and ATOL travel agency which means: 

  • We will always make sure you get home after your cruise 
  • Your cruise will always be 100% financially protected 

Advice from the UK Government ensures travellers (in a no-deal scenario) all cruises will still sail as the majority of the rules under which they operate are not based on EU rules, but are international. 


Do you still have concerns around travelling? Here are some frequently asked questions from our friends at ABTA…

Will flights still operate? 

UK Citizens can be reassured that regardless of the Brexit outcomes, planes will still fly between the EU and the UK. If a deal is agreed, then the UK will be in a transition period, meaning everything will stay the same until the end of December 2020 and flights will continue as normal. Even if we are in a no-deal scenario, the European Commission has said that the UK airlines will still be able to operate flights between the EU and the UK. The UK government has offered similar assurances for EU airlines.

Will my coach journey still operate?

Coaches will still be able to travel to and from the EU, and are expected to continue to take passengers to and around EU countries as usual. 

Will trains from the UK to the EU still operate?

It is expected that trains from the UK to the EU will continue to operate. Ahead of your journey, check with your travel company to see if there is any additional information you need to be aware of.

Will I need a visa to travel to the EU after Brexit?

The European Parliament has confirmed that UK travellers won’t need a visa to travel the EU after Brexit, even if the UK leaves without a deal. UK citizens will be able to visit the EU for up to 90 days within a 180-day period without a visa. 


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