Discover the unique and exhilarating features onboard Royal Caribbean

Discover the unique and exhilarating features onboard Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean are renowned for their trailblazing ideas in the cruise industry, designing creative and innovative features to give you the ultimate holiday at sea. From resort-like attractions, incredible features and dazzling entertainment, they continually seek to up the ante.

Below, we share just a few of the unique features that help Royal Caribbean cruises top the list as some of the best around.

Sheer size

Before getting into specific features, we have to mention the sheer size of Royal Caribbean’s ships. It holds four of the five top ten spots for the largest ships in the world. Their ship, Symphony of the Seas, was previously the largest. However, that ship will shortly be overtaken by their newest vessel, Wonder of the Seas, which debuts in March 2022. At 236,857 gross tons and 1,188 feet in length, it will have a passenger capacity of 6,988, in addition to 2,300 crew. It also has 100 more cabins than Symphony of the Seas.

We know that size isn’t everything, but with all this extra space, it definitely leaves plenty of room for a lot of the fantastic features they have developed!

Thrilling theme park-style rides

Royal Caribbean excel in creativity when designing their onboard theme park-like features, including a range of extensive and colourful water attractions that captivate adults and children alike. However, their stand-out, signature attractions offer highly shareable, unique experiences that guests just love.

Ultimate Abyss

Are you brave and adventurous enough to take on the tallest slide on the seas? Reaching the height of ten decks, at an incredible 150 feet above sea level, Ultimate Abyss leads you up the stairs through the mouth of a formidable sea predator before you step out onto its glass platform, which offers extensive views out to the horizon.

Take a breath before launching yourself on a thrilling journey down 216 feet of twisting, turning tunnels, where neon LED lights and heart-thumping music raises adrenaline levels even further. It may only last 13 seconds, but the buzz will continue much longer. 

Currently available on Symphony of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas.


Channel your inner surfer; whether you’re a complete novice or a surfing pro, this exhilarating 12-metre-long surf simulator will help you perfect your skills or simply have a great time trying!

An experienced surf instructor is at hand to help you stand up on your surfboard or engage in a bit of boogie boarding as you enjoy the exhilaration of 100,000 litres of water rushing past and creating this awesome surf simulation.

Currently available on 17 of Royal Caribbean’s ships – some even have two!

Sky Pad

Bounce higher than ever thought possible, suspended from a bungee cord and exploring one of three amazingly imaginative worlds. This is the first virtual reality bungee trampoline – Sky Pad.

Putting on a VR headset and strapping into this bungee simulation, you’ll experience the thrill of bouncing through moon craters or smashing sweeties in a whacky sugar-coated world in these spectacular gravity-defying adventures.

Available on Independence of the Seas and Mariner of the Seas. Check with your consultant which sailing this includes.

North Star

Winning the Guinness World Record for the tallest viewing deck on a cruise ship, North Star extends 100 metres above sea level and provides stunning, panoramic views. This spherical glass pod is attached to a huge mechanical arm, which lifts it up and out over the ocean waters. The ride is slow and serene, lasting around 15-20 minutes, but perhaps not one for guests who do not have a head for heights.

Available on Anthem of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas.

Other unique and delightful draws

Of course, the creativity of Royal Caribbean does not end at its theme park-style features. Many other extraordinary attractions add to the list of what makes this cruise line special. Meander the glorious interior oasis, known as Central Park, a feature that makes internal-facing cabins no longer a compromise. Then see evenings light up with spectacular world-leading entertainment, including top-billing Broadway shows, ice extravaganzas, and amazing aqua theatre. With all this and more, every day onboard provides a new and remarkable experience, creating memories to last a lifetime.

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