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Discover The Latest Game Show Onboard Princess Cruises

Discover The Latest Game Show Onboard Princess Cruises

A game with a chance to win a fantastic prize, with just sealed boxes, no questions… except one; sound familiar? If you were a fan of the hugely popular Channel 4 show, ‘Deal or No Deal’, which ran for just over eleven years in the UK, you’ll love Princess Cruises’ latest entertainment offering!

What’s the deal?

Princess Cruises has partnered with TimePlay, an award-winning entertainment company, to bring this prominent TV game show onboard its ships. Staying close to the original TV version, Princess Cruises’ remake of ‘Deal or No Deal’ gives two randomly selected guests the chance to play the game live on stage with the opportunity to win up to $1,000 or a free cruise.

For those unfamiliar with the format, ‘Deal or No Deal’ is effectively a game of chance. A player selects a sealed box from one of several, each containing a different prize value. The player then needs to decide whether to accept the offer of the ‘Banker’ for their box or take a chance on its contents holding more.

As more and more of the other boxes get opened and their values revealed, the ‘Banker’s’ offers fluctuate and anticipation over whether to accept this guaranteed prize offer or continue to play heightens. Whether you decide to spectate or participate, you’ll be in for an exciting evening where entertainment meets gamification.

Audience participation

Audience members also get the chance to participate in the game, adding to the thrill and ambience of the live show. By purchasing a ‘game card’, they are also given the opportunity to win up to $1,000 or a free cruise by achieving eight matches on their card.

Where can you play?

Princess Cruises has added ‘Deal or No Deal’ to the already impressive line-up of entertainment on Sky Princess this season. This ship has itineraries ranging from seven to 25 nights, including the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, the Canary Islands, Canada and New England, so there are plenty of opportunities to catch the show and win an amazing prize.

You can also see the live ‘Deal or No Deal’ show on Discovery Princess, Princess Cruises’ newest vessel, Regal Princess and Majestic Princess. Princess Cruises plans to roll out the game show fleet-wide in the future as well.

More entertaining events

Alongside ‘Deal or No Deal’, there is a whole range of sensational production shows to enjoy in the state-of-the-art Princess Theatres onboard, as well as many other performances throughout the ship to keep you entertained day and night.


If you love a musical, there are some fantastic productions across Princess Cruises’ fleet of 14 ships. Shows vary between ships, so always check if there’s a specific show you’d like to see. Three of our favourites are:

  • ‘Spotlight Bar’ – their latest addition, where a vibrant bar provides the setting for storytellers sharing their colourful lives 
  • ‘Rock Opera’ – a visual and musical feast that showcases classic rock, opera and musical theatre
  • ‘5-Skies’ – a cutting edge, live production that takes you on an epic journey of a virtual reality game

The Voice of the Ocean

A take on another TV hit, ‘The Voice of the Ocean’ offers blind auditions with judges on iconic rotating chairs, professional mentors and live performances, culminating in a guest being crowned ‘The Voice of the Ocean’

Comedy, magic and ‘street’ performers

The entertainment throughout Princess Cruises’ ships has something for everyone. If musicals are not your thing, there are headliner comedians for a barrel of laughs or magicians and illusionists for raising eyebrows and baffling minds.

Princess Cruises have gone above and beyond to deliver next-level entertainment on their ships, bringing talent from around the globe to create timeless classics and innovative new styles. Whether you’re opening a box and making a deal with the ‘Banker’ or watching a team of acrobats fly choreographed across the sky, onboard entertainment is sure to be a highlight of your cruise holiday.

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