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Discover The Iconic Cube Houses In Rotterdam

Discover The Iconic Cube Houses In Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a young, innovative city brimming with cutting-edge architecture and world-renowned landmarks like the Cube Houses. As a major port city on the north coast of Holland, it also features on numerous popular cruise itineraries, leading many cruise guests to pay a visit to these curious geometric buildings.

Below, we reveal what makes a visit to the Cube Houses in Rotterdam so compelling.

Where are the Cube Houses in Rotterdam?

The cube houses are located on Overblaak Street, just next to the Blaak train station. They are also only about two and a half kilometres from Rotterdam’s cruise terminal, so it is possible to walk there in around half an hour.

Finding the Cube Houses is relatively easy. With eye-catching yellow exteriors and their strange tilted positioning perched high overlooking the roads below, they are a prominent feature amongst Rotterdam’s architecture.

The area around the Cube Houses is also a pleasant place to visit, with various restaurants and cafes, a weekly market, a library and Old Harbour nearby. Meanwhile, the traffic-free area around the houses makes for a nice spot to relax and take in these incredible structures.

Who built the Cube Houses in Rotterdam?

The architect Piet Blom is behind the design of the Cube Houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Born in 1934, he was regarded as a ‘structuralist’ in his architectural style. His motto, “Living under an urban roof”, is reflected in his desire to create a thriving community-like feel in his buildings.

Piet Blom took on the Cube Houses project in the late 1970s, having already rendered this cubic style when developing architecture in the Dutch city of Helmond.

With the goal of maximising space in the centre of Rotterdam, the Cube Houses’ architecture was developed so that the buildings sit on top of a pedestrian bridge over a busy city road.

Why are the Cube Houses in Rotterdam slanted?

What makes these houses so intriguing is their distinctive slant. Piet Blom’s vision was for these homes to represent an abstract forest, with each diagonally placed roof characterising a treetop.

Leaning at 54.7 degrees, the slanting walls are supposed to optimise space. However, it does require residents to be quite ingenious when planning the Cube Houses’ inside layout!

What are the Cube Houses in Rotterdam like inside?

Positioned on hexagonal pillars, the Cubes Houses consist of three floors. Although the floor space is around 100m2, much of this goes to waste due to the acute angles.

The Cube Houses’ interior consists of an entrance on the ground floor, a living and kitchen area above, and two bedrooms and a bathroom on the top level.

Can I visit the Cube Houses in Rotterdam?

Although most of the Cube Houses in Rotterdam are not open to the public as they are privately owned, you still get the opportunity to get a sneak peek inside. Recently one of the owners capitalised on the interest to see inside the Cube Houses of Rotterdam and created an open house for the public.

Now known as the Show Cube Museum (Kijk-Kubus), you can now visit the inside of a fully functional Cube House to understand how residents manage their daily lives in these unique constructions.

Looking from the inside out, you’ll also get magnificent views of Rotterdam provided from this high vantage point.

The ticket price for entry to this converted Cube House museum in Rotterdam is €3.00 for adults, €2.00 for students and seniors and €1.50 for children.

Can I book accommodation in a Cube House?

If you are seeking a wholly memorable overnight stay, you can book accommodation in the Cube Houses of Rotterdam.

In 2009, the Dutch hostel chain, Stayokay, turned one of the ‘super cubes’ into a hostel where people can stay. With the option of shared or private rooms, you can spend the night here, meeting other visitors in the bar or restaurant to ponder the artistic wonder these buildings have become.

For a private room in the Cube Houses of Rotterdam, prices start at around €90 per room, per night. A bed in a shared dorm room costs less than €40.00. Breakfast and free Wi-Fi is included, and bike rental is available.

What else is there to do in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a captivating city to visit. Although less prominent than its Dutch sister, Amsterdam, it offers a fascinating blend of modern and historical architecture.

Get an impressive view of the city with a visit to the top of the Euromast Tower. At 185 metres tall and Rotterdam’s tallest structure, it may not be for those who don’t have a head for heights!

The Markthal is a trendy structure of privately owned apartments that form an imposing arch over a central market square.

Here, you can wander amongst its 96 fresh food stalls and shops to discover a diverse range of produce before resting your feet and enjoying a bite to eat at one of the many bustling restaurants.

Museumpark is also well worth a visit. Not only are there six different museums at this attraction, including a natural history museum, art collections and a ‘Museum of Everything, but Museumpark also offers picturesque gardens and a memorial park.

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