Discover a new level of luxury with Silversea Otium In-Suite Experiences

Discover a new level of luxury with Silversea Otium In-Suite Experiences

When you’re enjoying a luxury spa experience, isn’t it often the case that you wish it could last just that bit longer? Or that you could take that feeling of serenity with you across other moments in your day? Well, Silversea has made it possible with their Otium In-Suite Experiences. 

As leaders in creating ultra-luxury cruises, Silversea understands how to go the extra mile in delivering indulgence that makes your holiday really special. We explore how they’ve raised the bar again with their Otium In-Suite Experiences.

Silversea’s Otium, draws inspiration from sumptuous Roman living, promising to filter through the harmony and relaxation of their spa into all suites, adding in delightful music, exquisite food and drink, and soothing lighting to nourish and nurture a state of wellbeing. Featured exclusively onboard Silver Dawn, Otium offers four carefully curated experiences that bring a whole new meaning to luxury and comfort.

Bathing perfection

A bath is often the best remedy after a long day on your feet exploring. Silversea has elevated this idea to create a bathing experience like no other. Step into your bath, drawn to the ideal temperature by your private butler, who also adds carefully selected bath salts to ease achy muscles. The supportive pillows allow you to relax back in comfort, while the tranquil music and lighting ensure any stresses just float away. Completing this luxury bathing experience are a selection of delicious treats and, of course, a glass of bubbly.

The balcony butler

Sitting out on your balcony is a lovely, peaceful way to enjoy your holiday, listening to the waves lap the ship and looking out to a horizon stretching far away. With Otium, you can enjoy this experience with your private butler catering to your every wish.

Whether it’s a refreshing cocktail while soaking up the sunshine in the Mediterranean or a cashmere blanket and liquor hot chocolate when cruising around chilly Antarctica, The Otium Balcony experience has been designed to ensure you feel utterly pampered.

The ultimate in comfort food 

Room service may be the solution when you feel like spending an evening in your suite. But what if you could enjoy the complete dining experience from the comfort of your room? With all the favourite dishes from the restaurants onboard, The ‘Food and Chill’ offering does just that.

If you’d prefer simply to kick back and enjoy a movie, Silversea has designed an in-suite Movie experience that includes luxury popcorn and nibbles to allow you to enjoy a cinema-style evening right from your sofa.

Sleeping serenity

Holidays are a time to restore and re-energise, so to help you get the best night’s sleep possible, Silversea has created the Otium Sleeping Experience. From the ultimate in sleep mattresses, linens and pillows to signature sleeping scents, every aspect of your shuteye will be meticulously curated to help you wake refreshed and raring for your next day onboard.

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