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Design MSC’s Next Cruise Ship

Design MSC’s Next Cruise Ship

MSC cruises have released an App that will provide people the opportunity to view their ideas on a brand new prototype cruise ship that the company are planning to launch within the next seven years.

MSC cruises and their social media partner ‘We are social’ have developed a project which goes by the name of Inner Island. It’s a purpose built app which compromises animated content on a social platform.  The player will be able to submit their ideas about the six fundamental aspects of cruising, those being; Destinations, Food, Beverages, Entertainment, Sport and Wellness.

In order to create their own unique virtual inner island, all players are required to express their personal preferences and tastes. The final outcome will exemplify the player’s vision of their ideal cruise holiday from the on-board lifestyle and experiences, to the ports of call.

MSC Cruises’ CEO Gianni Onorato informed a crowded audience at a presentation at Eataly Congress centre in Milan that MSC cruises were looking at expanding their current carrying total of 40,000 to 80,000 passengers a day. If the three new build options are exercised, it will coincide to the 3.2million total passenger carrying capacity annually by 2022.

The eight players with the most inspiring ideas will then get the chance to bring them to life. They’ll win the opportunity to participate in a six month internship with MSC cruises, at their premises in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. This will start in September 2015.

MSC Cruises ceo Gianni Onorato said: ‘Inner Island is about more than bridge building with young people. We are very aware of the serious hurdles young people in Europe face today in starting a career, and we want to open the door to new talent that might otherwise be overlooked.’

With an amazing opportunity for young adults aged 18-25 to get into the cruise industry and to potentially make their ideal cruise holiday come to life, please visit your app store and download the app for free.  The app is available on both Android and Apple IOS devices, simply type ‘MSC Cruises’ into your app store or into Google Play.

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