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Delve Into Santorini, The Postcard Island Of Greece

Delve Into Santorini, The Postcard Island Of Greece

It’s the supermodel of the Greek Islands, the head turner, the one that was once known as ‘Kalliste’ meaning ‘the beautiful one’, it’s the haven of multi-coloured cliffs: it’s sunny Santorini.

And despite its name as a tourist hotspot, its charm and rustic feel remains for you to experience it in all its glory. It reaches deep into its volcanic past, spreading its strong traditions over the island, whilst effortlessly gliding into the future with its spectacular wineries, successful artists and unique microbrewery.

Santorini is no secret, nor does it ever fail to dazzle the crowds with its romantic setting and incredible history (it experienced one of the biggest volcanic eruptions to date, but we’ll tell you more about that later!)  This is your guide to Santorini, from what places are the best places to go for a dip to why the island gives you an excuse to have another glass of wine…

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The Real Height Of Beauty

The Balcony to the Agean

The village of Imerovigli is the ultimate destination of romance. With ‘vigla’ meaning ‘view spot’, you can expect the perfect place to watch the sunset as it’s built on the highest point of the caldera! If the villagers used to use this spot to watch the pirate ships coming in, then the beautiful views of the sea and architecture will fill your vision as if you have front row seats at your favourite theatre.

santorini balcony of aegan

If you like quiet, traditional and clear blue water then the trip to the village is worth it for the serenity alone. You might be surprised to find churches within the pretty sights of the village, built in the classic Cycladic style with stand-outs like the Monastery of Saint Nikolaos. If that’s not your thing, you’ve got plenty to choose from that will entertain your desire to wine and dine..and where else more divine than sipping the local’s finest wine than next to the Santorini sunset?

With only 470 residents in Imerovigli you’ll really get the feel of the quaint, peaceful life during your visit. Now that’s what we call a getaway.


A Seaside Town That’s One Of A Kind

Perissa and the Agean Sea

When relaxing on holiday the beach is usually the first stop for sunbathing, but after years of touring the sunniest spot, a beach is just a beach, right? Perissa delivers something different with its black sand and crystalline waters. You’ll never have seen anything like it! The enormous rock called Mesa Vouno that rises from the sea is the main attraction of the whole beach and area, so cameras at the ready…

santorini perissa

You’ll be left spellbound by the way it shines in the dark and you’ll be able to recover from the stunning view in the village: try some scuba diving, go karting or head to the waterpark! Choose whether to travel by foot or donkey to find he hidden back streets of restaurants, cafes, shops and bars.

The beautiful village of Perissa is the best protected beach from the summer Agean winds, too- no need to worry about those towels flying away now!


The Sacred Destination Of Santorini

The village of Akrotiri

Dubbed the ‘Minoan Pompeii’, this village oozes history and preservation all at the same time (the area has been partially excavated and is protected from the sun inside a shed!) The volcanic eruptions of Santorini three million years ago led to the island forming into the shape of a ring, with a separation between Aspronisi and Akrotiri.

Almost all parts of the building have survived, apart from the roofs but you’ll have the opportunity to walk along the streets and squares of the city, visit dwellings and religous ritual areas!

santorini akrotiri

Santorini isn’t just defined by beautiful beaches and glorious weather – this archaeological site creates a real glimpse into the Minoean period and mirrors Pompeii in the fact that the volcanic ash it was buried in actually preserved many of the artefacts and artwork incredibly well. It’s remote yet you’ll still find a path of small, family fun restaurants so you’ll feel right at home!


Go Back In Time With Santorini

The Artefacts Of Akrotiri

A famed place to soak up some of the culture and history to Santorini; you’ll be able to find the actual artefacts of the island’s history in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera. The findings of Akrotiri are hosted here so is considered to be the outlier of the archaeological site itself.


The history of Akrotiri going back to 3300 BCE so if you’re interested in learning and not just observing, this is arguably the best place in all of Santorini for you. We recommend the painting of the Blue Monkeys from 17th Century BCE0- that’s right, you’ll see everything from wall hangings to ceramics to jewellery.

Take a break from the beach and head here for a refreshing insight into the archaeological treasures that date back thousands of years ago…


Perfect Wine And Its Accidental Aroma

The Vines Of Vinsanto

Have you ever tasted wine so good that you can’t help but wonder what made it taste so spectacular? Well, welcome to wine in Santorini that inherited its distinct aroma and taste from the volcanic soil it’s grown on! There’s no doubt about it that there’s a significant amount of thought put to the wine in Santorini; the island’s vineyards don’t show the usual row of vines. They look like a round basket instead (to protect the grapes from the strong winds and heat on the island!) Wine made with love and care.

santorini wine


You’ll be pleased to know that Santorini is home to a small but flourishing wine industry and the pride of the island is the Vinsanto (Italian for ‘holy wine’), a dessert wine known for a sweet and strong flavour.  Look out for the grape variety Assyrtiko, referred to the “Chablis of Greece“- it’s grown natively on the island and has placed well in multiple wine awards. This must be your next wine stop!

Boat Ride Around The Bay

Blend In With The Bays

We all like a unique way to experience the views on holiday and this is quite possibly the best way to see the island is a boat ride around the bay. Feel like a part of Santorini itself and appreciate how beautiful it really is, with colourful rooftops and bright buildings glimmering in the sun as you sail past them.


Experience it in daylight with style and comfort whilst learning everything you need to know about the islands’s volcanic history.

The Best Sunset In The World

End With The Best Of The Best

A perfect end to a getaway in Santorini: there’s only one way to do it, and that’s to watch the sun turn the sky into gorgeous shades of orange and red before disappearing over the horizon. The best place to see one of the most marvellous vistas to bless the seas is just atop the steps entering Santorini.

santorini sunset


That is Santorini: a gem of an island with a lot to offer wine aficionados, culture lovers, history geeks and beach fans. Santorini is a jewel in the Agean, one you would be foolish to miss. Have you been yourself? What’s your favourite spot to head to? Leave us your comments!


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