Your Definitive Guide To Drinks Packages At Sea: What Really Floats Your Boat

Your Definitive Guide To Drinks Packages At Sea: What Really Floats Your Boat

Drinks packages make things a hell of a lot easier. It’s just one extra thing you don’t have to think about and we’ll take any excuse to be stress-free.

Each cruise line offers something different (as ever), so whether it be an alcoholic drinks package or a soft drinks version, you’ll find something suited to you.

It could mean bottomless bubbles, fizzy fun or just a tempting discount. You don’t need to go anywhere else for your definitive guide to drinks packages at sea…

Azamara Club Cruises

Your complimentary beverage option with Azamara includes select standard spirits, international beers and a changing selection of two red and two white wines by the glass each day of the voyage.

—Premium Package

This option includes a wide selection of bottled beer, Heineken on draught, select whiskies and spirits.


—Ultimate Package

For guests who want a slight upgrade, this includes all of the above aswell as a wide variety of wine by the glass (red, white and rose), seven types of espresso and one bottled water.

—Wine Lover Package

For lovers of wine, this is perfect. It includes all bottles of wine over a certain price with 80 types to choose from (including 5 sparkling, 5 rose, 35 white and 35 red).

—Wine Connoisseur Package

This choice includes all bottles of wine over a higher price than the wine lover package with more than 50 types to choose from (including 3 sparkling, 15 white, 30 red and 2 dessert wines).


Click here for a list of Azamara’s sailings with drinks packages!



—CHEERS! Beverage Programme

Carnival include alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices in this programme, whether you purchase prior to boarding or wait until you’re actually on the ship to book:

-All spirits, including cocktails, wine and champagne by the glass, beers, cognacs and whiskies

-Sodas, frozen cocktails and juices

-Speciality coffees and hot tea

-Bottled water and other non-alcoholic beverages in bars and lounges


—Bottomless Bubbles

This is your unlimited soda programme! One convenient payment guarantees you fountain soda and juice all night long.

The following beverages are included:

-Soft drinks/soda (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Orange Fanta, Dr Pepper, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Sprite/Sprite Zero)

-Juices (Orange juice, Cranberry juice, Tomato juice, Pineapple juice, Grapefruit juice)


Sharing on a drinks package is not permitted so only one drink will be served at a time with a 5 minute wait time between ordering drinks.

Click here to take a look through cruises with Carnival’s drinks packages…



Celebrity have everything covered, from cocktails to soft drinks to- as they say it themselves- everything in between. This comes in the form of a premium bottled water package, soda package and the following:

—Premium Bottled Water Package

This means unlimited bottles of still and sparkling water in bars, lounges and restaurants. It includes Evian, Pellegrino and Perrier!

—Non-Alcoholic Classic Drinks Package

This package includes all fountain and canned sofa, bottled juices, freshly squeezed juices, coffees and teas, bottled water (perfect for children, families and those who don’t want to opt for alcoholic options!)


—Premium Drinks Package

The alcoholic version upgrades the classic drinks package above to include beer, spirits, cocktails and wines by the glass (aswell as 20% discount on all wines by the bottle!)

—Taste of the Vineyards Wine Package


With this option, guests get to savour premium international wines, Old and New World wines and rare vintages chosen from the finest and famous wineries! There is a classic version, premium package and wine cellars option.

—Classic Drinks Package

You can upgrade from the above to include beer, spirits, cocktails and wines by the glass. There’ll also be a 15% discount on all wines bought by the bottle!


Click here to take a look through cruising with Celebrity’s drinks packages!


Costa Cruises

Costa offers drinks packages for a variety of ages:

—Giovani (from 4 to 17 years old)

This includes soft drinks, coffee, cappuccinos, smoothies, juices and hot chocolate but this package must be combined with one of the beverage packages on offer for adults.

—Pranzo & Cena Giovani (from 4 to 17 years old)

This option for kids and teens includes soft drinks and mineral water by the glass at mealtimes in the restaurant and at the buffet


—Pranzo & Cena (18 or older)

This includes a glass of wine or a cold beer with meals with an unlimited selection of wines, beers and soft drinks by the glass every day at lunchtime and dinnertime.


This package is for any time of the day, including coffee and cappuccinos, soft drinks and beers, aperitifs and a great selection of wines and liquers.

—Più Gusto

This option is perfect for those who love cocktails, especially before or after dinner. It includes soft drinks, wines, beers and coffee too aswell as a selection of 34 kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, mixed drinks and frozen drinks.



This is ideal for those who love the best labels on their cruise and for real connoisseurs of liquers and champagne; guests will enjoy unlimited premium drinks served by the glass, including drinks from the minibar and drinks serviced in cabins!

Click here to browse through cruising with Costa and their drinks offers…

Cruise & Maritime Voyages

CMV offer four onboard packages that incorporate drinks options into other features such as restaurant seating, service charges and gratuities, priority on Shore Excursion waiting list etc.

—CMV Value

This first option includes a welcome bottle bon voyage wine in each cabin.


—CMV Plus

The second option includes the above but adds on a non-alcoholic beverage package aswell as soft drinks throughout the whole day

—CMV Premium

The third option includes the above and adds on all-inclusive bar drinks, selected house wines by the class at bars and restaurants during meals, 50% on premium beverages from the bar and 30% discount on all the premium wine list.


The fourth option includes the above three options but additionally includes CMV signature wines by the glass at bars and restaurants during meals, premium drinks from the bar list, Whittard premium teas & Piazza d’oro coffee specialities and one bottle of water daily per person in each cabin.


Click here to browse cruising with CMV’s drinks packages!



Cunard tested ‘A World of Drinks’ in Summer 2018 which was a range of new inclusive drinks options to purchase for voyages of five days or more. It is now available to book on the entire fleet.

—Soft Drinks Option

This includes unlimited draught soft drinks, selected fruit juices, squash and cordials

—Beers, Wines & Spirits Option

An outstanding array of beverages from the world’s leading brands includes Cunard’s signature 3 Queens Gin, aswell as all the benefits of the Premium Soft Drinks option.

It also includes a comprehensive selection of wines by the glass, cocktails, spirits and liquers, aswell as a 20% discount on drinks above a certain price.


—Speciality Hot Drinks

For those who want unliimited speciality coffees, Tea Forté infusions and hot chocolates, this is the right package!

—Premium Soft Drinks

The package for unlimited refreshments like soft drinks, freshly squeezed juices, non-alcoholic cocktails, speciality hot drinks, small bottled waters plus a 20% discount on non-alcoholic drinks not included in this option.

—Wine Collections

For wine-lovers, this is perfect with Cunard’s handpicked fine wines from around the world. The line has created two distinct wine collections in the form of the Commodore’s Collection and the Captain’s collection.


Guests can expect full-bodied reds to crisp whites with the option to create their very own tailor-made selection of either 6, 12, 24 or 48 bottles!

Click here to browse cruising with Cunard’s drinks packages…



There are no drinks packages available onboard Disney, however soft drinks during meals are included in the price of the cruise and complimentary soft drinks are available at the teens-only lounge.


Additional charges apply for wine, beer and bottled water aswell as aloholic beverages at the bars and lounges. There will also be a charge for smoothies at the teens-only lounge.

Click here to cruise with Disney!


Fred Olsen

More than half of Fred Olsen guests opt for the all inclusive drinks upgrade, however there is no option for those who prefer a non-alcoholic drinks package.

—In the bars

This will include selected soft drinks, choice of wines, certain house spirits, ciders and beers.


—In the restaurants & buffet areas

This includes the above with the addition of regular tea and coffee.

—Discounted premium drinks

This means 50% savings on premium and branded drinks, other red and white wines (excluding champagne or sparkling wine), cocktails and bottled water


Click here to take a look through Fred Olsen’s drinks packages onboard…


Holland America

“For many guests, there’s nothing better than relaxing with a handcrafted cocktail before dinner or after a long day of exploring in a port of call”- Orlando Ashford, President of HAL.

—The Elite Beverage Package

This option means everything is covered! It includes any premium spirits, cocktails, wines, beers, coffees and most non-alcoholic beverages (sodas and bottled water).


On top of the Signature Beverage Package that HAL offer including a selection of wine, spirits, beers, sodas and more, the line also offer two non-alcoholic beverage options and a water package.

Browse through Holland America’s cruises with their drinks packages onboard!



When sailing with Hurtigruten, cruisers have three fare options which include a variety of extra and exciting features (two of which include a drinks option):


Hurtigruten’s best selling fare option includes complimentary tea and coffee



This is the best option for beverage choices as it includes complimentary tea and coffee and an inclusive drinks package with dinner.

Click here for all of Hurtigruten’s options if you want a cruise with drinks package!


Marella Cruises

When you sail on Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2, Marella Explorer and Marella Explorer 2, all your drinks are included!

From Summer 2019, Marella Dream and Marella Celebration will also become all-inclusive to guests! For these six ships, it will include selected draught beer and cider, selected wine by the glass, spirits and aperitifs, selected cocktails and soft drinks by the glass.


—Premium Drinks Package

There is still an option to upgrade to gain extras such as upgraded cocktails, premium gins/vodkas,rums/tequilas, more choice of whiskies/brandies/cognacs, cans of soft drink and freshly squeezed juices, and all drinks from The Coffee Port.

If guests are sailing before May 2019 on Marella Dream, Marella Celebration or Marella Spirit, there will still be the optiojn to upgrade to Marella’s All Inclusive drinks package which includes draught beer, spirits, aperitifs, house wine, selection of cocktails, selected soft drinks.


Browse through Marella’s options for drinks packages onboard!



MSC has five different drinks packages available to including a non-alcoholic package alongside a non-alcoholic package child that includes soft ice cream, flavoured water, fruit juices, energy drinks, sofas, alcohol-free cocktails and chocolate delights!

—Easy Package

This includes draught beer, selection of house wines/spirits/cocktails, classic hot drinks, energy drinks, alcohol-free cocktails, and aperitifs


—Premium Package

This is a slight upgrade with a wider selection of cocktails/wines by the glass, bottled beers aswell as draught, all standard and premium spirits, fresh fruit & vegetables cocktails, and premium mineral water!

—Premium Plus Package

This option is not limited in any sense, including all wines and champagnes by the glass, Connoisseurs’ selection of spirits, all cocktails and champagne cocktails, Minibar, drinks and food from room service menu, drinks from theme bar menus and 30% discount on bottles of wine and champagne!


MSC’s sailings with drinks packages are one click away…



NCL tell you to mix it up with their beverage packages with alcohol options, soda versions and something in between.

—Ultimate Beverage Package

This option is for those wanting a wide selection of everything from spirits, cocktails, and draft beer to soft drinks and wines by the glass!


—Corks and Caps

Those who just want a simpler option can choose this for a wide selection of beers and wines by the glass, and soft drinks too.

—Unlimited Fountain Soda

Perfect for families and children, this is the package that includes endless soda throughout the entire cruise.


NCL include their all-inclusive package as standard when guests book premium all-inclusive fare!

Browse through NCL’s options for sailing with drinks packages!



The luxury line refers to their drinks packages as “the perfect libation for every occasion”.

—Prestige Select

The first option includes unlimited premium spirits, Champagne, wine and beer by the glass wherever and whenever you wish!

drinks packages

—House Select

This one includes unlimited Champagne, wine and beer by the glass with lunch and dinner.

—Wine by the Bottle

Seven bottles of wine are required for each package!

drinks packages



As P&O state on their website, they have “something for everyone, for every mood and occasion”!

—Ultimate Drinks Package

This will include a large choice of beers, spirits, cocktails, liqueurs, wines by the glass and 20% off bottles of wine not included in the package.

It also entails bottled water, draught soft drinks, long life juices, Costa coffee, teas, hot chocolates and non-alcoholic cocktails.


—Non-Alcoholic Drinks Package

This option is also due to be introduced which will feature unlimited bottled water, draught soft drinks, long life juices; Costa coffee; teas; hot chocolates and non-alcoholic cocktails.

—Hot Drinks Package

This option will entitle guests to unlimited Costa coffee, hot chocolate and teapigs teas.

—A Children’s Drinks Package

This includes draught soft drinks (Pepsi, lemonade, tonic and soda), selected long life juices, hot chocolate, and fruit squash or cordial by the glass.

The package is complimentary for children who are travelling in the same cabin as adults purchasing the Ultimate Drinks Package.



Drinks packages should be purchased during the first two days of the cruise and loyalty discounts do apply:

Click here for P&O’s drinks packages at sea!



Princess call it “endless possibilities, one price” and it comes in the form of these options:

—Premier Beverage Package

This one package includes everything from speciality cocktails and coffee to beer and wine!


—Unlimited Soda & More Package

With this option, guests can enjoy fountain sodas, fresh fruit juices, hot chocolates and hand-crafted ‘zero-proof’ mocktails

—New Grounds Coffee Package

Princess know how much the caffeine pick-me-up can be so this package offers you fifteen speciality espresso drinks, unlimited premium teas and brewed coffee made for you by a trained barista.


Browse here for Princess’ best options for drinks packages onboard!


Royal Caribbean

Guests will find coffee, tea, cordials and water all complimentary onboard but Royal’s drinks packages have something for everyone:

—Deluxe Beverage Package

You’ll be able to enjoy selected cocktails, liquers, spirits, wines, beer, sofa beverages, bottled water, fresh squeezed juices, mocktails, premium coffee and premium tea aswell as a 40% discount on selected bottles of wine.


—Refreshment Package

This option includes a selection of premium coffees and teas, bottled water, non-alcoholic cocktails, fresh-squeezed juices, plus fountain soda

—Classic Soda Package

As expected, this option means unlimited fountain sofa refills and a free Coca-Cola souvenir cup too!


—Cafe Select Coffee Card

This card entitles you to any 15 speciality espresso-based coffees, hot chocolate and premium tea

You’re one click away from Royal Caribbean’s best cruises with drinks packages…


That was your definitive guide to drinks packages at sea! Every cruise line has something for everyone, whether it’s an option you need for the kids or an alcoholic version for you and your friends.

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