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The Simple Guide To Cruise Ship Cabins: Your Safe Haven At Sea

The Simple Guide To Cruise Ship Cabins: Your Safe Haven At Sea

Picking a cabin on your cruise can be the hardest choice of all! Is it worth giving up a little more of your budget for an oceanview or is an inside cabin roomy enough?

How ideal are family rooms? And just how much do you get for your money with a suite? Compare your cruise ship cabin choices right here before you make your decision…



You could already guess that this is the cheapest option, but by no means does that make it basic.

There will be no windows as you’ll be situated on the inside of the ship so you won’t start your mornings gazing out at sea like you would with an outside or balcony cabin.


However, perhaps this will persuade you to head out on deck a lot more for beautiful panoramic sea views.

And you’ll be guaranteed an excellent nights sleep with absolute darkness (no windows means no danger of light creeping through and waking you up after a night out!)



If you pay slightly more, you’ll bag yourself an oceanview in the form of a porthole or large rectangular window!


You won’t exactly get the sea breeze as such but you will be able to stare out at the waves as soon as you wake, as you get ready and right before you sleep.

It’s that extra little something that makes being at sea feel that bit more real while you’re tucked away in your cabin.



If you want to splash a little extra cash for a better view from your cabin, a balcony is the perfect solution.


Ideal for early risers who like a peaceful morning coffee with only the sound of the ocean, or couples who like some serene private time with a sunset background!

And don’t forget, this means you’ll get a private view of the moments you dock in and out of port without the hustle and bustle you could find on deck.



Not everybody likes to travel in a group or with a partner, but why should that mean you miss out on a cabin tailored just for your needs?

Some cruise lines will have specific solo cabins, but you’ll have to do a tad extra research to find the ones that don’t charge a single supplement.


You’ll still be able to choose between an oceanview or balcony if an inside cabin doesn’t meet your expectations.

Single cabins could be limited onboard your cruise ship though so a little more organisation won’t go amiss!


Family Cabin/Interconnecting

If you’re travelling with your family or kids, there’s plenty of options to make the situation easier! Parents deserve their own space without the worry of the safety of the children.



This is why interconnecting cabins are a blessing! A lot of cruise ships are designed with families in mind and will therefore definitely cater for larger groups.

They can accommodate anything from 5 to 10 passengers with options of bunk beds and all the features perfect for your family.



You might have guessed this is the most expensive option for your cruise ship accommodation but boy do you get your money’s worth!


You’ll be surrounded by beautiful decoration and a sure aura of luxury whether you’re in the bedroom or living area (yes, there’ll be a living area).

Depending on the cruise line, you may well have a whirlpool tub in the bathroom, a private butler, two-storeys, private garden terrace, sauna, and more…


Which cruise ship cabin do you usually opt for? Has this guide made you consider another option? Would you splash out for a suite? Leave us your thoughts and comments below…

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