The Definitive Destination Guide To P&O 2020 Ft. Places That Should Only Be Experienced By Sea

The Definitive Destination Guide To P&O 2020 Ft. Places That Should Only Be Experienced By Sea

Iona is the word on everybody’s lips, but are you up to date with every corner of the world the rest of the P&O fleet will be taking you to?

It would be silly not to know the line’s 2020 beauty like the back of your hand by now, and her itineraries are quite frankly mind-blowing.

Let us help you out a little with just a few of the places the ships will be visiting…

March – April 2020


Whilst it might be known as a playground for the rich and famous, there are plenty of budget activities around the capital city that will still blow your socks off.


Its skyline is known around the world and the futuristic vibes will make you stop and appreciate what’s around you more times than you can imagine.

P&O is most definitely sailing you to pure luxury with Dubai, and don’t even get us started on the nightlife…

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This tiny island, found in the Mediterranean sea in between Italy’s Sicily and the North African coast, is precious. From scuba diving to pre-historic temples, this cute island will surprise you.


The moment you arrive via your ship, you’ll be blessed with sights of Malta’s many marinas where you can hit the boat rental with a climate you can only dream of!

Its capital, Valetta, is known as being one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world so if UNESCSO World Heritage Sites are right up your street, this itinerary is for you…



They say all roads lead to Rome. And P&O is definitely taking you there!

There’s a fantastic array of both off-the-beaten-track activities and tourist-crazy hotspots to explore in your visit to this Italian gem.


Don’t miss out throwing in your lucky penny in to the fountain aswell as strolling past bold-coloured vespas and divulging in gelato to die for…

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May – June 2020


One of Norway’s most incredible fjords will treat you to mind-blowing waterfalls and even deserted fjord farms on your visit with Iona during her maiden season round Norway!


The utterly natural attraction boasts mountains up to 1,700 metres high for you to stare in awe up at whilst both waterfalls face opposite eachother.

You’ll be completely surrounded by beauty and memories that top every other holiday moment so far.

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The island that brings a huge dose of glamour to Greece with an impressive nightlife and jewellery boutiques dotted about town.

When you arrive, you and your fellow passengers will take up most of the streets so don’t expect to see many locals until a little later to welcome you into its unforgettable beauty…


Seaside dinners will only ever be compared to Mykonos’ version with its laid-back vibes and enticing views. Its boho chic charm is one that will welcome you with open arms once you step onshore!


You’ll arrive into Croatia’s capital with the shimmer of the Adriatic sea to greet you. The walled city of Dubrovnik will give you much more than you thought it ever could…


A place of pure leisure until you decide to up your steps for the day with a walk along the Old Town walls!

If you can hack it, it’s two hours of walking the 1,940 metres of walls that surround the city and you will even reach the highest point of the town, the rounded Minceta Fortess.

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September – October 2020


This is when P&O takes you to the vibrant and quirky seaside city of Finland! Don’t worry about using up your time travelling too far as the country’s capital is perfectly dreamy for exploring on foot…


If you fancy getting out of the centre, just know that a third of the city is covered in green areas!

But if you want strictly tourist-friendly gems, you’ll most definitely find an unmatched nightlife and magnificent architecture to feast your eyes on.

New York

Need we say much about the Big Apple? Its famous skyline speaks for itself with all the wonders it holds for its locals and visitors!


Sailing into the city with P&O will be the most unbelievable way to arrive and where will you head first? Central Park? Times Square? Madison Square Garden?

Or will you do a little research and discover the most unique secrets of New York (we’ve given you all the hidden spots below to make it seriously worthwhile…)

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Your first thoughts might be glamour, fame, the rich and much more when it comes to Cannes, particularly when the well-known faces hit the red carpet for the annual Film Festival…


There’s glitz for you too and it comes in the form of strolling along the spectacular bay where you’ll go past joggers and rollerbladers, and hitting the quaint streets of the Old Town!

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What do you think of where P&O will be sailing to in 2020? Are you excited about the idea of cruising with one of then fleet to New York or are you after a European adventure? Leave us your comments below!

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