De-Stress With Your Ultimate Guide Of What NOT To Pack For Your Cruise…

De-Stress With Your Ultimate Guide Of What NOT To Pack For Your Cruise…

Sure, by now, you know what to pack for your cruise. Everything from your back-up outfit to your earplugs, from your alarm clock to your most important documents.

But nobody wants an overpacked suitcase, and have you actually planned to bring something that is completely banned from your cruise?

Let’s avoid any nasty surprises with this list of items that you should not be packing on your cruise this year…

Animal Fever

It can be the hardest thing leaving the dog at home all alone when it’s time to jet off on your holidays, but pets are not permitted on your cruise.

This is with two exceptions however; the first, of course, being service dogs.


There may be strict requirements at certain paws (sorry… ports), and the cruise lines still have health and safety procedures to stick to so make sure you double check the ins and outs in our guide beforehand.

The second exception is, believe it or not, Cunard Cruises!

This is the only cruise line, as it stands, that allow cruisers to bring their pet cats and dogs onboard but that is on one ship and one ship only so, unless you’re sailing on QM2, you’ll be leaving your fluffy friends at home.

Liquids And The Rest

If we’re talking alcohol, you’ll already know this is a pretty strict rule. Most cruise lines only allow you to bring up to two bottles of wine onboard with you, then it’s off to the bar.

P&O, for example, only prohibit one litre of liquid, whether it be champagne or wine, beer or spirits. And in addition to this, any alcohol bought onboard or ashore will be confiscated until the last night of sailing.

However, it is worth noting that some of the cruise lines charge a corkage fee if you wish to drink the wine you brought on board in one of the restaurants or bars (so might be best to leave your liquor at home to celebrate a fantastic holiday once you’re back!)


Cabin Essentials


You will, like any other hotel you’ve stayed in, find towels in your room so there’s no need to pack these bathroom essentials!

Feel free to bring any extra beach towels for your sunlounger days, but have you not heard of the famous towel animals onboard cruises?


One night you may even come back to find a fresh towel made in the shape of an elephant wearing your sunglasses. So maybe leave the simple things to the experts.


This is one that would just buff your suitcase out way too much, and we’re sure you’d rather have extra room for souvenirs.


So  leave your hairdryer at home- there’ll be one in the cupboard or even in the drawer beneath your desk (conveniently placed there because- another little tip- you really shouldn’t plug the hairdryer into the bathroom socket clearly marked ONLY for razors).

Lock & Key

It would be too much stress to carry round all your most expensive belongings and important documents everyday, so you’ll need to keep them somewhere safe.


Don’t worry about making sure your suitcase locks though; there is always a safe in your cabin where you’ll make your own code personal to you.

Leave your lock and key at home! The cruise lines take care of every little thing.

Bicycles, Skateboards & Surfboards

Okay, this makes it sound like all the fun stuff is prohibited we know, but that’s because it’s all already onboard your cruise!

If you haven’t already heard of Royal Caribbean’s surfing simulator, then the FlowRider is the answer to your surfing needs!


Even Harmony of the Seas has 3,415 pieces of sports equipment onboard so there’s absolutely no need for you to attempt to pack your suitcase full of things to keep you entertained…

What do you NEVER pack for your cruise? Have you had to learn the hard way? Do you have your packing list down to a tee now or do you sometimes still struggle? Leave us your comments…


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