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Cunard Seen Herding Sheep Through Liverpool City Centre (No – Seriously!)

Cunard Seen Herding Sheep Through Liverpool City Centre (No – Seriously!)

Today Cunard were seen herding a flock sheep through Liverpool City Centre… no – really!

Cunard have been celebrating the centenary of the opening of Cunard headquarters in Liverpool… by setting free a flock of sheep!

Last year Cunard were awarded the City of Liverpool the highest civic award and admitted to the Freedom Roll of Associations. This honour bestows certain privileges… one of them being the medieval “right” to drive sheep through the city’s streets!

cunard herd sheep

The sheep were herded up the street along Canada Boulevard which is in front of Cunard’s building.

(We really aren’t joking about this either – it isn’t April fool’s day quite yet!)

Angus Struthers, the director of Cunard, explained a little more about the decision to do this: “Receiving this great honour from the city which will forever be Cunard’s spiritual home, was a highlight of that incredible weekend of celebrations here last May. When Queen Elizabeth returns to the Mersey in July we know the ship and her guests and crew will once again be warmly welcomed by the City of Liverpool.”

cunard herd sheep

“On that occasion we will be here to mark the 100th birthday of the magnificent building which has played such an important part in the growth and development of Cunard. Together, Cunard, Liverpool – and our flock of sheep – are writing the next chapter in our unique maritime history.”

 The mayor of Liverpool explained his surprise at the move: “It’s not often you see a flock of sheep herded down the Pier Head, but I’m more than happy to be part of the spectacle as we celebrate giving Cunard the highest honour the city can bestow. Cunard are part and parcel of this city’s history and the relationship remains strong to this day – we just have to remember the stunning scenes last year as more than a million people gathered to see Three Queens sail majestically up the Mersey.”

cunard herd sheep

 What do you think of the news? Did you see Cunard herding sheep today?

Let us know in the comments below…

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