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Cunard Or P&O Cruises: Which Is Better At Being British Than The Royal Family?

Cunard Or P&O Cruises: Which Is Better At Being British Than The Royal Family?

If you’re a real Brit you’ll love the Royal Family, the Queen, Buckingham Palace and you’ll remember where you were when you watched the Royal Wedding. But if you’re not lucky enough to actually be a part of the royal family, you’ll want to get as close to feeling like you are as you can!

With that in mind we did some investigating and found out that P&O and Cunard could actually make you feel more spoilt than those in Buckingham Palace!

Read on to find out how P&O can offer you that feeling of royalty with a surprise British Bake-off star and the new best way to make you feel at home when at sea whilst Cunard offer some competition for the Royal Variety show and some tea-drinking statistics that will leave you shocked…


Cunard’s annual tea consumption would fill an Olympic style swimming pool! Just when you think the Royal Family are our biggest influence to be drinking tea by the gallon, you can think again. All British tea lovers need to get on-board a Cunard ship! There’s even Afternoon tea in the Queen’s room; the white-gloved waiters and crystal chandeliers will make you feel like you’re in Buckingham Palace anyway!


They have the largest and grandest dancefloors at sea! So you’ll have a feel of spectacular dancing, Strictly Come Dancing style, instead of Britain’s Got Talent. You can dress up in your formal clothes and dance the night away with a full theatre audience and Gentleman dance hosts that’ll help you brush up on your ballroom skills. That beats watching a sword swallower any day…

disco ball

The Grill’s experience: Cunard’s top of the line suite accommodation where you’ll get priority embarkation and disembarkation, fresh strawberries and a chilled bottle of champagne or wine, an atlas in your room and fresh fruit delivered daily. Just a little taste of the things the Queen is faced with every day, and we’re not sure on her opinion on pillows but on Cunard you’ll have a choice from nine!

champagne and strawberries

Martini mixology and wine tasting classes on-board! The Royal family seem to prioritise tea over wine and if the colour of their hat matches their outfit, instead of checking if their cocktail making skills are up to scratch. But here’s where you can get one-up on them with your control over how strong you want your evening drinks to be with some lessons with the on-board experts.

wine tasting

Cunard allows you to step out of your everyday life and step into the world of tuxedos, cocktails and all things formal and luxury. Sorry to disappoint you but chances are you’ll never be invited to the Queen’s for tea so you can dress up to the nines on-board a Cunard ship instead and feel like royalty that way at the sophisticated Ascot ball (plus if you’re feeling like relaxing and scrapping the fanciness after, you can head to the Golden Lion pub for a pint and a game of darts for that homely feel, and we doubt the Queen gets to do that…)



All transactions in sterling! We all love cruise ships with variety and sometimes we have to accept that this means bringing dollars or euros along with you. But with P&O you can have ease of mind with everywhere accepting pounds as currency…after all, we all love a home from home.


British celebrity chefs on-board! You can rely on P&O cruises serving traditional British favourites at meal times for those of you who like to stick to what they know, plus the restaurants are developed by celebrity chefs from home like James Martin, Eric Lanlard and someone you’ve all surely heard of: Marco Pierre. We’ll choose fish and chips over sushi any day! (P.S Lanlard had the honour of baking the Queen Mother a cake for her 101st birthday! We wonder if we can get that sort of special treatment…)

british flag

Tea leaves imported from China! Now this is what we call real commitment to tea; P&O know the Brits adore their tea and it’s the best way to start and end their day so rest assured you’ll be drinking the good stuff when it comes to your daily caffeine intake (we wonder if Buckingham Palace have their tea leaves imported…) Plus tea and coffee facilities are free round the ship because let’s face it, it’s an essential.

tea leaves

They hold their own traditions: Club Dining! Us Brits love a tradition and P&O have created and stuck to their own across the fleet with the dining that allows you to eat at the same table at the same restaurant every night. This means it’ll be easier for you to make friends if you’re seeing the same people at dinner and you just can’t beat that homey feeling that comes with it, can you? Plus the Royal Family eat in the same place most nights so that practically makes us royalty too, right?

azura restaurant

Meet another Queen on-board…British Bake-off’s own Mary Berry! She’ll be one of the ten famous chefs sailing on-board select ships and you’ll be able to attend her exclusive cooking classes, book signings and Q&A sessions if your cake just won’t rise! Just one cruise with P&O and you’ll be on your way to becoming a baking genius in no time…

girl with cake

So who’s side are you on? Can either of these cruise lines really beat the Royal Family at being british? Are you a fan of P&O’s famous British chefs or do you prefer Cunard’s chandeliers and endless choice of luxury pillows? Let us know below…

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