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Cruising’s Best Kept Secret! Book A 6 Star Cruise On A 4 Star Budget

Cruising always has (and probably always will) come in several different ‘classes’.

There’s your 4* cruise lines that perhaps the most of us will be familiar which includes the likes of Royal Caribbean, Fred Olsen and P&O.

Then you can take a step up to your 5* cruise lines like Celebrity Cruises or Cunard.

Finally, for the lucky few, there’s the ultra-luxurious, ultra-exclusive 6* cruise lines like Seabourn, Crystal Cruises or Regent Seven Seas.

Now unless you’re one of the lucky few who can afford to cruise every year with the likes of Regent Seven Seas you may have pigeon holed them in your mind as forever out of your reach.

The thing is though…. You couldn’t be more wrong!

One of cruising’s biggest kept secrets is that a lot of the time cruising with a 6* cruise line like Regent can actually be cheaper than cruising with the likes of P&O!

Don’t believe us?

We get the up-front cost of the brochure can put a lot of people off but what you need to do is stop and consider the holiday as a whole.

Due to the nature of luxury cruising, once you’ve made the cost of the cruise nearly everything is then included for you.

Think for a minute how much did you spend on you last cruise…

Then think how much you paid for flights, getting to the airport in the first place, drinks on-board, excursions, spa treatments, Wi-Fi packages….

That all comes free with a luxury cruise!

Still not convinced?

Then let us convince you…

We compared a luxury cruise with Regent Seven Seas against a similar cruise with a 4* cruise line.

We’ve laid out all the costings for you to compare below (so you don’t just have to take our word for it)!

Check it out…

We took a look at a seven night Caribbean cruise on a Miami round trip in a balcony stateroom.

6 Star Cruise - Regent


6 Star Cruise - Regent Seven Seas


6 Star Cruise - Regent Seven Seas


6 Star Cruise - Regent fly cruise


See what we mean?

Interesting isn’t it?

Have you ever been on a 6 Star Cruise?

You can take a look at some more 6* luxury cruises in our brochure below (don’t forget how much is included!)


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