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Cruising Habits – The Good and the Bad

New statistics out by www.CRUISE.co.uk shows some exciting new trends in cruising habits!

The age of the average cruiser has now dropped down to fifty five years old instead of sixty five it was back in 2004!  Passengers are also getting more adventurous, with over 53% now travelling to a destination new to them.

The Far East is leading the way in most popular cruise destinations whilst the Danube attracts a whopping 46% of river cruisers.

22.3 million of us went cruising in 2014 and a fifth of all passengers have now been on more than twenty cruises.

Sadly, its bad news for Royal Caribbean’s state-of-the-art Bionic Bar as it was the innovation that cruisers least cared about!

cruise infographic

What do you think? Have you noticed cruisers getting younger? Are you feeling more adventurous? Do you care about Royal Caribbeans Bionic Bar?

Let us know in below!

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