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Why Under 30s HAVE To Set Sail On A Cruise

Why Under 30s HAVE To Set Sail On A Cruise

Listen up you guys! It’s time to throw away all your misconceptions of cruising and the beliefs that it’s just for ‘the older folks’. Just stop right there. There’s loads of benefits to cruising for under 30s! Think all-inclusive food and drink, bucket list style activities like swimming with dolphins, or deck parties that rival an LA house party. Don’t believe cruising is for you? Or think you’re too young? Stick with us to find out how you can party in a new club every night, and experience world travel without any of the stresses, all for one price!

Under 30s sunbathing on beach

It’s All Inclusive

As a young person, one of your main concerns will be saving money, which is where cruises really come in handy. Most drinks, food and entertainment are included in your fare! So if you’re a student on a budget, or just a savvy saver, cruises give you the option to experience all the luxuries of a land holiday, without the extra cost.

Cocktails on the beach

Go to Multiple Destinations

Are you filled with wanderlust and not satisfied with just sitting in one place? On a cruise you can visit multiple destinations, on one holiday! You keep the same cabin whilst you sail around the world, visiting the most breath-taking locations. What’s more, with the amazing itineraries on offer, everything’s planned! So there’s none of the stress of solo travelling.

Top Tip: Avoid the families and plan your trip during term time if you want extra piece and quiet.

Malaga city

Bucket List Excursions

Back packing is hugely popular among the younger, more active crowd, but there’s just one problem. Roughing it! If you’re not willing to sacrifice the luxuries, cruising could be your option; there’s loads of excursions on offer once you hit the port. You can experience: hiking, swimming with dolphins, horseback riding in Jamaica, zip lining in the Amazon, and hundreds of other life changing experiences! Meaning you get all the adventure of back packing, with none of the nasty bits. Yes, please!

Top Tip: Look for itineraries that offer loads of port stops, so you can go and have adventures or explore the nightlife.

You can read all about the amazing excursions you can take in our ultimate excursions guide here!

Horse reading on the beach

Unrivalled Entertainment

If you’re a show lover, then look no further than a cruise. On board you’ll find Broadway performances of your favourite top shows, imagine watching Grease at sea! The fun doesn’t stop there either… If you’re a thrill seeker, there’s ships that resemble water parks with heart stopping slides, climbing walls, or if you’re after a more chilled out time, catch a flick in one of the movie theaters (some are even poolside). One things for sure, you’ll never be bored!

Broadway show on cruise ship

If you’re more about the on shore experience, then you can literally use your cruise ship as a luxury vessel that gets you from point a to b! Hop on a cruise and visit a music festival, or even go to Disneyland Paris! Want to know more about how you can cruise to Disneyland, among other theme parks? Read our themepark guide here!

Cruise to Disneyland Paris

There’s Loads of Bars and Clubs

Think of a cruise ship as the ocean’s hottest party destination, boasting a large selection of bars, lounge and clubs, meaning you can party in a new destination every night! Carnival cruise ships have a huge range of things to do for the party animal, there’s cocktail, tequila and martini bars, not to mention pubs and mixologist competitions as well! The best thing is your room is just down the hall, meaning there’s no need for a designated driver, so everyone can indulge!

Martini bar on cruise ship

Party Like Never Before

For those of you who can’t get enough of the party, you’ll be thrilled to know it’s non-stop on board! If you’re after that LA lifestyle there are deck parties by the pool, and if you’re looking for a bit of fun some have themes! One of the top parties at sea is NCL’s glow party, hosted on the adults only sundeck Spice H2O, everything is neon, and we mean EVERYTHING. Have your face painted in a radical design, grab your traditional glow sticks, snap on your neon bracelets and dance until the sun comes up! One of your favourite DJ’s may even make an appearance… But don’t forget to pre-book, tickets can sell out fast!

Pool party on cruise ship

Perfect for Hen & Stag Do’s!

If you’re after a relaxed girls weekend away before your big day (or just a girl’s weekend in general), then a cruise could be right up your alley! With most spa treatments and drinks included in your fare, you can take the time to unwind and prepare for married life! Cruising’s not just for the hens either… The stags aren’t forgotten with the humongous on board casinos, sports bars (meaning you never have to miss the game), and loads of other activities for relaxation and adventure!

Hen party on a cruise ship

Cruise to Top Party Locations

Not interested in exploring the scenery or sampling the culture? Hop on board and cruise to Ibiza or Zante! Get your pre-drinks on board included in your package deal, then boogie on down to the hottest clubs. So you can spend your night in port partying like never before, then recuperate on the beach the next morning. Now that sounds good to us!

Cruise to Ibiza

So now you know why we think cruising could be the hot new holiday for under 30s! What do you think? Are you interested in hopping on an adventure filled cruise? Or do you prefer to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground? Let us know in the comments!

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