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Cruise Staycation vs Regular Staycation. Let us help you choose!

Cruise Staycation vs Regular Staycation. Let us help you choose!

After the government’s new roadmap to get us out of lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are looking forward to the summer and already starting to plan what we’ll be doing and where we’ll be heading to make the most of our new-found freedom. 

With restrictions due to still be in place this summer, a lot of people will have already made the decision to play it safe and opt for a UK staycation this year instead of heading abroad to ensure they can really make the most of their 2021 summer holidays. 

So when you think of a staycation you probably think your options are limited to holiday parks, holiday cottages, camping sites, caravan sites and seaside resorts. Well now, you have another to add to your list. 

A number of cruise lines including P&O Cruises, Fred. Olsen Line, Princess Cruises and Saga have announced they’ll be hosting a number of UK coastal cruises during the summer of 2021 for UK guests to enjoy. UK coastal cruises will depart from key UK ports such as Southampton. Not only will guests onboard these cruises get to see some of the finest and most beautiful UK landscapes from the sea but they’ll also get to enjoy all the facilities and amenities each ship has to offer.

Now to some of you, you may think ‘what’s the point of taking a cruise if you can’t go anywhere outside of the UK? You might as well just go to a holiday park’. So, were going to take a look and compare some of our beloved cruise staycations with some of the other staycation options available to you this year…

When you’re on holiday, it’s always nice to enjoy the food you like when you like. If you’re on a camping trip the responsibility of feeding the family is on you. With this, you will always get to eat what you like when you like but you will need to take on the role of chef, waiter and pot washer. On a cruise, there is a huge choice on most ships when it comes to dining plus different option to suit every guest onboard including a more relaxed atmosphere to a more formal one. There really is something to suit everyone and every need.

Seaside towns do have a variety of accommodation options available for visitors including caravan parks, hotels, BNBs and cottage rentals. But unfortunately, because of the popularity of these little towns, a lot of the accommodation with beautiful views are limited and are probably all booked up by now. On a cruise, there is a huge amount of outside, balcony and suite accommodation available to book all with great views of the ocean as you sail along the great UK coastline.

Holidays don’t happen as often as we would like so you really do have to squeeze all you can out of them. That’s why evening entertainment is just as important as the day time activities on offer. Seaside towns tend to be quite small and although they don’t have big shows they do offer a good selection of pubs.

Cruises, on the other hand, are all about the evening entertainment with a huge range of options to choose from including broadway-style shows, dinner and drinks as well as movies for the whole family to enjoy with blankets and popcorn on the top deck of the ship. 

When choosing your holiday, you’re normally looking for something or somewhere that will take you away from your usual day to day routine back home. Caravan parks are well located across the country and usually close to local amenities required or provide on-site. The only issue you may have is that caravan park companies can tend to put a lot of accommodation closely together so even if you’re close to the beach, you may not be able to see it from your window.

If you opt for an ocean view cabin or above onboard a cruise ship, you’ll have views of the beautiful British landscape onboard your coastal cruise as well as endless sights of the ocean as you sail along. If you choose an inside cabin, then you’ll still get the chance to enjoy the scenery on a coastal cruise by simply heading up to the top deck of the ship.

It’s important to kick back and relax whilst you’re on your holiday and forget about the hustle and bustle of your life at home. Due to seaside town accommodation being pretty much full for the summer of 2021, you can expect the local attractions such as the beach and restaurants to be pretty crowded too. If you opt for a coastal cruise this summer, you’ll probably be travelling with a lower capacity of guests than usual so every venue onboard will be spacious with no overcrowding. You can also take full advantage of the onboard spa with a variety of treatments to choose from so you’ll return home fully rejuvenated and ready to book your next cruise. 

So now the decision is up to you! If you’re interested in a cruise staycation this summer, then click HERE to find your perfect cruise.

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