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Cruise To Save The Endangered! It’s This Easy

Cruise To Save The Endangered! It’s This Easy

The day is fast approaching…it’s endangered species day!

www.CRUISE.co.uk have put together a special tour where with every booking, we will donate £50 to the planet’s most endangered species.

These are the tours you need to know about which support the local wildlife conservation project and communities which is essential to transforming the future of the habitats.

Click here to browse the tours saving endangered species!


Orangutans of Borneo

Borneo’s tropical forests hold roughly 6% of global biodiversity but there is less habitat for its orangutans now as its rainforests have been depleted by half!


Did You Know: orangutan numbers have dramatically dropped so now they only exist in the wild (in Borneo and Samatra!)

We have the WWF to thank for securing protected areas to connect sub-populations of Orangutans…support their work by seeing it first-hand!


Tigers of India

Thankfully the global tiger population is now on the rise with 3,890 tigers currently in the wild! Since the beginning of the 20th century, the numbers had dropped 95%.


WWF Aim: to double the number of wild tigers by 2022! This is a shared goal with governments of tiger range countries.

Ranthambore National Park has a growing tiger population and is the best places for cat sightings- a visit is priceless!


Turtles of Costa Rica

The threats to turtles are focused on with a few WWF projects; eliminating bycatch, protecting habitats and satellite-tracking to help research.


Did You Know: travel to Costa Rica for the chance to witness turtles laying and hatching eggs (you might even see newly hatched turtles race towards the sea!)

Historically, Green Sea turtles were hunted for which caused them to reach near extinction but eco-tourism has made an alternative livelihood for local communities!



Rhinos of South Africa

The number of rhinos are drastically decreasing (specifically black rhinos) and are sadly now considered critically endangered.

The number decreased by nearly 98% to just 2,500, black rhinos made an impressive comeback!


Did You Know: It’s thanks to persistent conservation that the number has doubled and reached over 5,000.

The WWF helps to tackle rhino poaching and trade with more antipoaching patrols and better equipped conservation law enforcement officers.


Kruger National Park has the largest concentration of rhinos in the world! There are roughly 8,000-9,000 white rhinos (with half living in the wild).

You can contribute by staying at the Kapama Private Game Reserve which would help to fund their efforts to combat poaching.


Click here for the tours that will save these species!

What do you think of these tours? Would you love to know your cruise would help towards these endangered species? Leave us your thoughts and comments…

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