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Princess Are About To Take You Round The World In Festivals: Manmade Marvels & Gondola Races

Princess Are About To Take You Round The World In Festivals: Manmade Marvels & Gondola Races

There’s no denying that festivals bring the world together with a variety of culture, colour and celebration, but is there a way to combine this with cruising?

Princess Cruises are taking you around the globe in festival form, offering you that dreamy chance to ‘come back new’.

Mardi Gras, Rio Carnival, Matariki Festival, Carnevale Di Venezia and Oktoberfest are on the list, all with traditional dances, cultural trivia and classes that will teach you something you’d never usually learn on a cruise…


Carnaval De Panama 

January – May, September – December 

Otherwise known as ‘the world’s greatest shortcut’, these festival celebrations are exclusive to select Panama Canal cruises.

This is one for you if you fancy experiencing a manmade marvel that’ll immerse you in the destination through more than just incredible views:

– Salsa dance classes

-Traditional ‘Mola’ arts and crafts

-Drum circles and steel pan music classes

-Piazzaparty featuring salsa, reggae, calypso and meringue



Mardi Gras

January – April

This one means “fat tuesday” in french and, when playing to tradition, means the last day of indulgence before Lent.

You’ll be surrounded by green, purple and gold banners flying high above the Piazza, colourful masks, that classic Zydeco beat and then some:

-Culinary demonstrations

-The History of Mardi Gras presentation

-Cultural Mardi Grad trivia



Rio Carnival

January – March

This time round you can explore the exotic culture of Brazil with what is famous as one of the greatest parties on earth!

On select South American cruises, you’ll be able to have your try at decorating a traditional headdress and kick up your heels at a Samba dance class along with a few more ones to remember:

-Local dancers perform a 30 minute Carnival show that’ll include some capoeira and guests

-Learn the Samba beat with their drum circle class

-The History of Rio Carnival presentation


King KameHameHa Festival

January – May

One to dig your Hawaiian shirt out for as you’ll be celebrating the national holiday of the Kingdom of Hawaii! Available on select California Coastal and Mexico cruises…

Honour the memory of Kamahameha who united the Hawaiian islands in 1810, becoming their first king. Their culture is one to be admired:

-Poi Ball dance class

-Learn to tie a sarong

-Gain insight into the culture from the oboard cultural ambassadors

-Face painting

-Make fragrant leis



Mexican Fiesta- Day of the Dead

January – April

This festival goes by a few names; Day of the Innocents, Little Angels or Day of the Dead. The chilly first few days of November has locals immersing themselves in the colourful, fascinating holiday.

On select California Coastal and Mexico cruises, you can take part in the ancient Aztec tradition in a whole lot of different ways:

-Decorate marzipan skulls

-Aztec flower making and sugar skull mask making

-Learning traditional dances

-Watch ‘The Procession of the Dead’



Carnevale De Venezia

March – October

If you’re feeling a little bit Italian, this lavish and dramatic Venetian festival is the one to sink into.

On select Baltic, Mediterranean and UK cruises, you’ll be transported back to a romantic time of fantasy and spectacle:

-Take a spin in a tarantella dance class

-Gondola boat building race

-Learn a little Italian while jewel-toned decorations adorn the ship

-Watch a variety style show with traditional Venetian Carnivale music, dances and comedy skits



Celtic Festival

April – September

Celebrate the spirit of Celtic heritage by clapping your hands in ‘Scotland’ and ‘Ireland’ onboard Princess.

Light-footed dancers and bagpipers perform for you in between Celtic performances of indigenous dance and music! You’ll have a kilt on after just a few moments:

-Learn to play the penny whistle

-Shop for themed items in retail boutiques

-Try your hand at turnip carving

-Celtic dance lessons



Klondike Days

April – September

The vast Alaskan wilderness holds many stories so Princess are making sure you discovery its history by celebrating Klondike Day.

Find an Alaskan cruise to immerse yourself in the old tales of the iconic destination:

-Discovery at Sea cultural activities

-Penny whistle classes

-Alaskan Icon and sled racing champions

-Feel the glory days of the Gold Rush come to life

-Learn the symbols and language of the Tlingit, Haida an Tsimshian clans




September – October

One of Princess’ fleetwide cruises will tell you to pull on your lederhosen and grab a stein of beer in celebration of Oktoberfest!

More than 6 million people celebrate this 16-day annual fair in Munich each year, commemorating a royal wedding…

-Watch leg-slapping dancers perform in Bavarian garb

-Head to a pretzel making class

-Listen to polka music and head to beer-tasting



Take a look at every Princess Cruise all in one place here!

What do you think of Princess taking you around the world in festival form? Which festival would you choose over another? Leave us your comments…

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