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The Guide To Cruising Post-Brexit With The Ships Solving The Problems

The Guide To Cruising Post-Brexit With The Ships Solving The Problems

Back in June 2016, the news was broken to the world that Great Britain had voted to leave the European Union and it left travellers in a frenzy.

What would it mean for cruisers? Would it affect the exchange rate? Would holiday prices shoot up? Only time would tell…

January of this year saw a sudden recovery in the value of the pound against the dollar in the previous six weeks, rushing some holidaymakers to their nearest post office and currency converters to get the most out of their money.

Retail director at foreign exchange specialist No1 Currency, Simon Phillips, informed the British public to ‘be smart and cash in on the improved exchange rate by stocking up on some foreign currency!’

He added that ‘exchange rates been on a rollercoaster over the past few months, and continuing uncertainty over Brexit mean they’re set to stay volatile- and the pound unlikely to remain at that level for long.’

We asked our audience at the time if the news of the sudden rise in value of the pound encouraged them to book sooner, yet the poll revealed that 83% of you voted no- that its value was too unreliable to switch up current plans.

And just last month, there was outrage as newly tightened EU regulations left a family stranded overnight in Malaga Airport, Spain, due to extraordinarily long queues; Brexit had led to enforcements on border checks, passport control and immigration checks.

Admist the madness, travellers have been debating over who to cruise with, where to cruise from, when to book and where to cruise to, with not much guidance on the way to go about it. And we must start somewhere…

One thing we do know is that the famed British line, P&O, sits as a safe choice. What better ship to sail with post-Brexit than one with a Union Jack flag painted on the hull?

The fleet cover your concerns of cruising post-Brexit life and it certainly won’t be a gamble. With sterling onboard, the exchange rate will be the last thing on your mind so no need to be setting notifications on the current rate and rushing to the local post office when it shoots up by a few pennies.

Michele Andjel, director of communications for Carnival UK, said: “P&O Cruises operates in British sterling and all holiday, onboard spending and shore excursion costs are in pounds so our guests are shielded from currency fluctuations and can budget with peace of mind knowing the great value for money with a P&O Cruises holiday which includes accommodation, entertainment, round the clock age specific children’s clubs and dining.”

P&O are on the same page as you; holidays are for escaping your problems and looking forward into relaxation from embarkation to disembarkation.

Donald from Deal certainly thinks P&O’s operation is a smooth one: “Embarkation at Southampton was not only swift but trouble free.” You can read more about her time on-board here.

Harris from Bristol has shared his P&O experience: “Embarkation: excellent, arrived at Southampton, unloaded luggage and made our way to the terminal, where we were given a number and asked to wait, we were called within about 20 minutes and went on board and our cabin was ready and we were able to enjoy lunch in the buffet.” You can read more about this here.

And guests will be pleased to know that 2019 is going on sale! So here are the most important P&O dates for your diaries…

11 September 2017, 8:00am – 8:00pm

On sale to Top Tier* of Peninsular Club
*Exclusively for Caribbean Baltic & Ligurian Tier Peninsular Club members

12 September 2017, from 8:00am

General sales open for holidays departing from March – May 2019

13 September 2017, from 8:00am

General sales open for holidays departing from June – October 2019

Click here to pre-register for 2018/2019 cruises!


What are your thoughts on cruising post-Brexit? Have you found your solution yet or are you considering P&O now? Do you prefer the British lines or are you disappointed to have to avoid the exchange rate now? Leave us your comments below!

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