Cruise Line Updates Private Island And Guarantees Adrenaline Rush With New Floating Feature

Cruise Line Updates Private Island And Guarantees Adrenaline Rush With New Floating Feature

Royal Caribbean have just launched a Floating Bar at its private island, Labadee, in Haiti, designed for guests travelling Caribbean itineraries.

The floating bar is surrounded by water, located at Adrenaline Beach, and guests will have to walk, float or swim through the ocean to reach the bar, climb up and order a drink of your choice.

As guests enjoy a drink out at sea, they’ll be able to take in the stunning beach view and even catch a glimpse of those flying past on the zip line, located just above.

There’s bars & restaurants dotted around the resort, serving everything from Caribbean cuisine to BBQ, from delicious salads to fresh fruit.

The food is complimentary in Labadee, like it is onboard the Royal ships, along with waiter and bar service. And guests who have the Royal Caribbean Drinks Package will be pleased to know their package benefits also works on Labadee, just as it does on board.

Once on shore, guests will see that Labadee is broken up into different areas:

  • Dragon’s Plaza: This is where guests enter and leave Labadee from the dock. It’s named after Dragon’s Breath, a rocky cove near the ocean that sounds like a dragon when the ocean hits the rocks
  • Buccaneer’s Bay: This where guests embark on most acquatic excursions, such as jet skiing, parasailing and more
  • Barefoot Beach Club: The private beach for suite guests that features cabanas for rent
  • Town Square: Most of the restaurants, bars and other facilities are found in this area
  • Adrenaline Beach: The Beach located underneath the zipline and in front of the roller coaster
  • Columbus Cove: A each area featuring water toys, such as the floating mat and aqua park

Adrenaline Beach is just one of the more secluded beaches in Labadee, which makes it perfect for lounging and sunbathing and that bit more exclusive.

However there are a number of other beaches guests can visit, depending on what suits them best: Dragon Tail Beach is the perfect place for surfing and snorkelling, whilst if the mood better suits fun in the water with the infamous Dragon Splash Waterslide then Columbus Cove is ideal.

There are number of things to do in the 260-acre private beach resort. On the same mountain as the 2,600 ft zip line is Dragon’s Tail Roller Coaster, located 680 feet above sea level. For the younger ones, Arawak Aqua Park is where you will find floating trampolines, pyramids and water slides.

If Royal guests are looking for a luxury experience on the water, Labadee Cabanas are available to rent which include floats, snorkel equipment, beverages, waiter service and some privacy.


What are your thoughts on the floating bar at Labadee? Are you a Royal Caribbean fan? Have you been to any of their private islands? What’s your favourite thing about them? Do you wish more cruise lines had private islands? Leave us your comments and take a look at more recent Royal news below!

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