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Cruise Line Raises Gratuities For Second Time This Year

Cruise Line Raises Gratuities For Second Time This Year

For the second time this year, Princess Cruises will raise the daily gratuities automatically charged to passengers’ onboard accounts.

The new service charge is due to take effect on all cruises departing on or after the 15th of December and will increase from $12.95 to $13.30 per person, per day (including children) for interior, ocean view and balcony cabin passengers.

The payment plan is the first at Princess to have mini-suites and suites in separate tiers; passengers of this class will no longer pay the same account of $13.95. The new policy means that mini-suite passengers, including Club Class, will pay $14.50 whilst suite passengers will be charged $15.50.

The line sent an email to its passengers and said that the changes are to ‘ensure our guest services on-board remains among the best in the cruise industry’. The line also indicated that passengers have the option to pre-pay gratuities at the current rate by November 15th and guests who booked with promotions that included gratuities will not be affected.

Princess last raised its automatic service charge by 13% back in January and the latest change in gratuities follows similar moves made by Celebrity, Carnival and Royal this year.

Our cruise community have been discussing the recent change and it has sparked some controversial opinions. Stuart from Peterborough commented ‘Wow, two pay rises for Princess staff in one year, there really is a commitment to employees’. Whilst Annie from Glasgow said: ‘To be fair, 3 months notice given and you have the opportunity to prepay at the old rate!’ Click here to read the rest of the discussion!


What are your thoughts on the news? Do you think two rises in the cost of gratuities in one year is too much? Or do you think Princess are being reasonable by keeping the option to remove gratuities at your discretion? Leave us your comments!

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