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Cruise Consultant Saves The Day: Couple Catch Cruise With Seconds To Spare

Cruise Consultant Saves The Day: Couple Catch Cruise With Seconds To Spare

A couple were saved from missing their cruise this weekend after an unsung hero pulled out all the stops to get them on-board.

The couple had been travelling to Southampton to meet their cruise when it was announced that the train they were travelling on would be delayed.

One of our specialist cruise consultants, Charlie Brown, had overheard the couple who were distressed that they would not get to the Ventura in time to board.

Charlie told us: “After four years of working for P&O I do have some useful contacts and fortunately still had the number for Ventura on my mobile phone.

“I rang the ship directly and explained the situation. Fortunately, Sandeep who is a PSA (passenger service assistance) answered and recognised my voice straight away. Sandeep said he’d do his best but couldn’t make any promises.”

The couple waited anxiously to arrive at Southampton and they eventually left the train at 4.10pm, whilst the ship was set to sail at 3.30pm.

The pair had booked a train that didn’t get them into port particularly early because a later train was cheaper.

Once there, Charlie ran through the barriers with them and carried their luggage to a waiting car. Charlie told us that he spent the next 30 minutes pacing up and down waiting to hear from them, wondering if they had missed their cruise after all.

After some time, Charlie received this message from the couple concerned: “Charlie, you have restored our faith in humanity. We arrived at the terminal and were greeted by Sandeep who remembers you well. We were referred to as ‘Charlie’s friends’ – they have taken our luggage to be scanned separately but we are on-board. The ship has been delayed for other reasons too we are very lucky. Please forward your address as we would both like to send you a small thank you. My wife sends her love and we both thank you again for keeping us calm.”

You can read more about this remarkable story from Charlie here.

What do you think of the news? Have you ever witnessed anyone missing their cruise? Let us know in the comments below!

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