Went Onboard Scarlet Lady & Found Out Everything You Need To Know! Went Onboard Scarlet Lady & Found Out Everything You Need To Know!

We’ve all heard the rumours…the first tattoo parlour and the first Korean BBQ at sea, but now all has been confirmed and tested by our team of specialist Cruise Consultants. In a dull Dover last weekend, the team had the opportunity to go onboard Scarlet Lady, the first-ever ship in the new Virgin Voyages fleet.  

The overall feel to the ship is contemporary, fashionable and relaxed. After spending time onboard, our consultants have seen that Scarlet Lady is much more than just gimmicks and is really pushing boundaries in the cruise industry. 

Scarlet Lady has been designed by Tom Dixon and Roman and Williams, designers not commonly associated with cruise ship interior design. This has both benefitted and hindered the design of Scarlett Lady. 

She has a unique and refreshing design with some well-welcomed changes to the cruise industry including Drag Brunches, Squid Ink Tattoo Studio and a whole host of new dining options. 

But the new cabin design has received mixed reviews, most criticism coming from the L shaped convertible ‘day to night’ beds. The beds allow for more daytime space in the cabins and a comfortable private area to relax during the day. They will be set up and taken down daily by your cabin steward or you can request them to stay up all day, so not really as much fuss as some may have made out.

The unique interior really comes into its own inside the suites onboard Scarlet Lady. The suites onboard have some interesting features including the decor that isn’t like anything else out there in the market.

The public spaces onboard Scarlet Lady each have their own distinct personalities. From The Galley, Virgin Voyages answer to the traditional buffet, to Razzle Dazzle, an all-vegetarian restaurant that permits diners to meat it up if they want to. With over 20+ venues to eat from onboard, there’s guaranteed to be something for every pallet.

Talking of public spaces Virgin Voyage’s CEO, Tom McAlpin describes Scarlet Lady’s nightclub, The Manor as “the best nightclub at sea!” complete with an Instagram-worthy light up hallway leading onto the main dancefloor, a booming sound system and unrivalled light show accompanying the music so guests can dance the night away.

Cruise’s often are made by the crew onboard and Scarlet Lady is no different. Every member of staff has been handpicked from trusted agencies and trained to Virgin’s high standards. Adamant not to blend into the market, Virgin Voyages have extended this to their staff too. Crew members from over 60 countries, with every hair colour in the rainbow, piercings, tattoos and uniforms that premiered at London fashion week.

There’s been a lot of talks online about Scarlet Lady’s pool, although it’s not the size you would expect to see on a ship of her size there are three other hot tubs onboard and being docked in Miami, we’re sure you won’t be stuck onboard by the pool.


What Our Specialist Consultants Thought…

Daniel Harrison “In essence, I loved the ship – very stylish and comfortable, great food, entertainment, really friendly service, lots of places to sit and relax and have a drink!

The highlight was dining at the Wake – massive steaks and dancing at the Manor Nightclub!”


Alana Mills “I did not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. The ship is very different, unique and ultra-modern with lots of social areas designed to encourage people to get together. The cabins are a bit minimal, with a white plastic side table with a funky light, metal-framed chair and not much else, but they are functional. The Rockstar suite was certainly different with the music room and jacuzzi on the balcony, but would not say it is the most impressive suite I have been by a long way. I ate dinner in the Test Kitchen one of the many restaurants’ that guests can choose to dine in, all speciality, and have to say the food was superb on our 6-course taster menu. The Show was very different and interactive, it really drew you into the story. A little risque when the cast strip to their underwear at the end but loved it! I think it would really appeal to a younger social crowd definitely, not so much traditional cruisers not.”


Bonnie Hart “Breaking the cruising norm, totally unique cruising experience. I loved the cool, rebellious & edgy vibe onboard. The Street Food vibe in The Galley was a great, a new take on a traditional buffet. The ship has so many Instagram ready moments that I cannot wait to share! #Scarletladyrocks”



Lisa West “My highlight was dining in Razzle Dazzle in the evening.  I had the most amazing vegan burger! I liked the general design of the ship especially with all the different places to eat and socialise.  She was very minimalistic which if I am honest is not for me on a cruise.  I got a feeling it is going to be a real party ship which will suit the itineraries in the Caribbean she is doing.”



Lyndy Barker “Virgin Voyages are taking cruising in a whole different direction. Their aim is to have the cleanest ships at sea with as little waste as possible, converting waste and heat into power.  They also want to be as ecologically friendly as possible. Having little waste is one of the reasons why there are no buffet-style restaurants. I liked the feel of openness and space onboard and nothing is rushed. I didn’t mind that the staterooms had a sofa that is made into a bed each evening, however, this does give your cabin steward more work each evening and again in the morning to put it back to a sofa again. When you walk into your cabin you curtains open automatically letting the light in but not in the evening when it is dark. With over 20 eateries there is something for everyone’s taste which means there are no speciality dining places as you can eat anywhere without an additional cost – even the ice-creams are free and I can recommend the Red Velvet waffle cone one with key lime ice-cream.  There is even a 24/7 diner. The night club is impressive too. According to the briefing, there are no hidden fees onboard.  WiFi, tips, fitness classes and basic bevvies are included too (filtered still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, teas, and coffee). The suites are pretty impressive but come at a cost. The ship will not suit everyone’s tastes and really is for the more ‘young at heart’ clientele. All in all, I was quite impressed and think it will definitely shake up the cruise industry.”


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What are your thoughts on Scarlet Lady? Will you be sailing on her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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