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Shocking Images Of Shark Diving Revealed- Would You Dare?

Shocking Images Of Shark Diving Revealed- Would You Dare?

Shark diving is THE ultimate adrenaline sport- who fancies getting up close and personal with the most feared predator in the world?

The infamous great white has death spears for teeth and can grow up to six metres long, however, shark diving has faced controversy for provoking sharks into attacking humans.

But, would you do it? These pictures might help you decide…


So, the whole thing starts out pretty tame; everyone hops in a giant cage, all smiles and excitement. Nothing to worry about; just some nice warm water, sun shining, snorkels…


Once underwater, the sharks can sometimes play it cool, not showing much interest in the other most feared predators in the world (the massive cage full of humans) who’ve just dropped by their territory. 


In fact, it can actually look quite peaceful…


Some may seem a little more aggressive…


And some holidaymakers even treat the ocean like their own personal pool by taking the ultimate plunge…


But ultimately, the whole experience looks pretty beautiful. Sharks look amazing up close, and most really are harmless unless provoked!


Take a look closer here…

Have we tempted you to go shark diving or have you already experienced it before? Have your say in our poll below…


If we’ve tempted you to going swimming with sharks, you can do it in a number of amazing locations all around the globe, ranging from California to Cairns, Fiji to South Africa. What else have you ticked off your bucket list? Leave us your comments below!

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