Costa Cruises Is About To Reveal Their “Game Changer” Ship Dedicated To Something Special

Costa Cruises Is About To Reveal Their “Game Changer” Ship Dedicated To Something Special

“It is our first newbuild dedicated to the Chinese market,” said Mario Zanetti, president of Costa Group Asia, as he spoke about the new Costa Venezia.

“We are creating a strategy for the new ship and it will be a game changer.” 

The strategy is offering Italy at Sea to Chinese guests with a flair of local tastes while a dramatic Venetian-themed interior design brings out the best of Italian culture.

The 4,232-guest ship is set to debut in Shanghai next May as the company has its eye on the current and future needs of the modern Chinese cruise guest.

The Venezia will take the place of the Serena which will move to Tianjin in place of the Fortuna, which heads back to Europe.

The Atlantica will concentrate on southern homeports, sailing from Shenzhen and Xiamen.

“Those four ports are our backbone and the way to create accessibility, having homeports in the south, east and north,” Zanetti commented.

“We are focused on being committed to the market to provide a high-quality and Italian cruise holiday experience.

We are confirming this by introducing the Costa Venezia and increasing our capacity next year. That expresses our confidence in the growth and potential of this market.” 

Costa Venezia flies the Italian flag with a virtual experience of Venice onboard, from the food to the entertainment and in the evening time, guests can take part in a masquerade ball that recreates the atmosphere of the famous city carnival.


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What do you think of Costa Venezia being dedicated to the Chinese market? Are you excited for the Venetian-themed decor? Leave us your thoughts and comments below…

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