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CMV Finally Reveal The Names Of Their Two New Ships!

CMV Finally Reveal The Names Of Their Two New Ships!

Cruise & Maritime Voyages have now finally announced the names of their two new ships. Both will be following CMV traditions, in being named after pioneering and famous explorers. 

This follows last weeks announcement that CMV’s longest-serving ship, Astoria will be leaving the fleet in October 2020. 

CMV invited members of its loyalty club and social media followers to choose a new name for Pacific Dawn, which will take over from Columbus as its new flagship. Some shortlisted names were Isabella Bird and Mary Kingsley, yet a whopping 41% were polled towards Amy Johnson.

Despite this, the two new ships acquired from P&O Cruises Australia will be named Amy Johnson and Ida Pfeiffer.

Amy Johnson, was a pioneering English pilot who was the first woman to fly solo from London to Australia. Flying solo or with her husband, Jim Mollison, she set many long-distance records during the 1930s.

Ida Pfeiffer, was an Austrian explorer, travel writer, and ethnographer. She was one of the first female travellers, whose bestselling journals were translated into seven different languages.

Cruise & Maritime Voyages CEO, Christian Verhounig said: “We are delighted with the chosen names and the opportunity to recognise two outstanding female adventurers and pioneers. Most of all, we are pleased to confirm that Amy Johnson will take over from Columbus as the fleet’s new flagship.”

Following the addition of the two ships, CMV’s fifth acquisition in as many years, the line will be on course to carry 200,000 passengers in 2021. Cruises on the new ships will go on sale next month.

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