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A Christmas Miracle As Royal Caribbean Save Stranded Fishermen At Sea!

A Christmas Miracle As Royal Caribbean Save Stranded Fishermen At Sea!

Two fishermen were stranded at sea for twenty days until Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas came to their rescue.

Both males from Costa Rica allegedly fell asleep whilst soaking their nets on December 1st so the Royal ship’s encounter with the pair has been named a miracle.

The men’s vessel was pulled off course by strong winds with only enough food and water for seven days; they had also ran out of fuel as they tried to find their nets and began to run adrift.

Royal Caribbean chief meteorologist James Van Fleet stated: “Winds picked up and when they woke up, they were blown way off where their gear had been.” 

A storm had forced Empress of the Seas to sail towards Ocho Rios in Jamaica instead of its originally planned route to Cuba.

Van Fleet continued: “You can’t help but think there was a greater plan in all of this.” 

“I’ve already seen a Christmas miracle– 20 days at sea should tell you everything about the odds of them being found alive.”

One of the fishermen had to be carried on board; both were later fed, clothed and seen by medical staff on the cruise ship.

The crew also raised £236 to help the fishermen buy food and clothes once they disembarked in Jamaica and sought further medical attention.


What are your thoughts on Royal saving the men as they were stranded at sea? Are you convinced this was a Christmas miracle? Have you heard any more uplifting stories? Leave us your comments…

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