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Check Out The Latest ‘Extreme’ Craze When Visiting Victoria Falls

Check Out The Latest ‘Extreme’ Craze When Visiting Victoria Falls

To give you a bit of  background information, Victoria Falls, also known as Tokaleya Tonga – the Smoke that Thunders, is famous for being the world’s largest waterfall.

Contradictory as it may seem though it’s not the widest or even the highest waterfall in the world. Instead it holds it’s title due to the fact that with it’s combined height of 5,604 ft and 354 ft width, it has the world’s largest sheet of falling water!

However… Apparently just ‘visiting’ the world’s largest waterfall isn’t extreme enough for some tourists. Instead they’ve been getting right up to the edge and actually peering over!

You can relax now (well a bit – we’re sure those of you with a fear of heights are probably still having heart palpitations). These people aren’t quite as insane as they may seem (although they’re still a bit insane in our opinion!)

The Devil’s Pool as it’s known now (it used to be called by the rather less evocative name of “the armchair”) is a natural feature right on the edge of Victoria Falls, on the Zambian side.

Usually between September and December, when the river is at a certain level, a rock barrier on the edge forms an eddy which has almost no current.

This allows (shall we call them brave people?) to swim up right to  the edge and perch on the rocky ledge with what has to be one of the most spectacular views of all time!

Whilst the tourists are quite adventurous it’s the tour guides that show a truly spectacular lack of fear, just diving in head first ahead of their charges.

Sometimes a picture just doesn’t do justice to a shore experience however and Devils Pool definitely fits into that category! The below video was filmed on a shore excursion and shows not only the spectacular views but also the death defying antics of the tour guides!



What do you think? Would you be brave enough to swim right up to the edge of Victoria Falls and peer over?

Let us know in the comments below…


If you like the look of seeing the Falls in real life but don’t fancy getting quite this close you can learn more about visiting Victoria Falls here

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