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Celebrity Cruises launches excursions aimed at teenagers

Celebrity Cruises launches excursions aimed at teenagers

Celebrity Cruises has launched a range of new excursions aimed at families and teenage children.


Each of these tours are shorter than regular excursions and are targeted at people in the 12-17 year-old age bracket, with the programme including a Spanish family flamenco dance-off, sailing lessons and a mini regatta in Bermuda, according to TTG Digital.

The news provider reports Jo Rzymowska, managing director, Celebrity Cruises, UK and Ireland, as saying that the scheme will allow families to develop new skills, have fun and show off their “competitive spirit”.

Along with the aforementioned activities, passengers have the opportunity to take part in a “gondoliering challenge” in Venice.

Ms Rzymowska recently appeared at the Travel Network Group conference in Split on Friday, where she commented on the topic of Wi-Fi on board cruise ships.

She explained that the technology has improved significantly, noting that the sister brand Royal Caribbean is hoping to match the quickest speeds available on land.

However, despite the current high demand for Wi-Fi at sea, Ms Rzymowska admitted that there are some people who are not interested in the technology.

As well as this, she stressed that cruisers remain happy to fly to departure ports away from the UK.

TTG Digital report her as saying: “The UK will continue to be popular, but we’ve done a lot of research among our target audience and they are very happy to get on a plane to reach their cruise.”

Celebrity Solstice - Aerial at Sea Miami Shoreline

It will be interesting to see how popular Celebrity’s new excursions become, particularly as young people are hard to satisfy in the current landscape.

The plans could open up a new market for the company and, if Wi-Fi connections continue to improve, passengers between 12-17 will always have the internet to turn to.
Do you think a move towards a younger audience will be successful for Celebrity? Let us know what you think below.

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