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Celebrate Dry January With The Best Mocktails At Sea!

Celebrate Dry January With The Best Mocktails At Sea!

Every year we all relax and enjoy ourselves a little too much over the festive season by eating copious amounts of food and knocking back far too many alcoholic beverages. 

There’s no wonder that when it comes round to January we’re all ready from a well-earned break from the hard stuff. 

For others, alcohol may not have passed your lips for years just because you don’t particularly like the taste of it. 

As you probably know cruise lines are famous for their onboard cocktails. The very experienced bartenders can rustle you up your favourite tipple at any point in the day. But what you may not know is not only are they great at making some alcoholic cocktails but, they are also very good at mixing up some non-alcoholic cocktails too. 

So here’s our list of some of the best mocktails you can get on board your next cruise…

Strawberries on Fire – Princess Cruises

Remember when everyone started putting chillies in chocolate and at first, we thought it was a crazy idea until we tried it and realised it what a taste sensation? Well, that’s exactly what Princess Cruises have done with their Strawberries on Fire Cocktail. With Strawberries and Jalapenos mixed with syrups and juice, your bartender will create you a something delightfully sweet with and little extra spice! 

If you fancy giving it a go at home, here’s master Mixologist Rob Floyd demonstrating how to make this fiery mocktail…

Red Delight – Royal Caribbean

Even if you do drink alcohol, you may not want to after a heavy night in the club the night before. You may also need something to perk you up for a day filled with activities. If that’s the case, head to a Royal Caribbean bar and ask for a Red Delight. Strawberry puree, lemon juice and Red Bull will surely give you that kick to head ashore and explore the sites your new port has to offer. 

Spiderman – MSC Cruises

When it comes to cocktails, MSC really does have a huge list to choose from. Including a twist on your classic virgin Pina Colada cocktail. The Spiderman is a bi-colour combination of Virgin Pina colada and a Virgin Raspberry Daiquiri. There can’t be much better than all those frozen juices mixed together for you whilst you kick back and soak up some much-needed sun. 

Watermelon Tropic – Celebrity Cruises

In the breakfast buffet, along with our sausage and eggs, it’s nice to have it with a side of fresh watermelon. Well, why not go that step further whilst you’re on your cruise and order your side of watermelon with a side of Celebrity Cruises Watermelon Tropic mocktail. The perfect mocktail blend of Monin watermelon, pineapple and fresh lime juice. That’s surely got to be 3 of your five a day right?

Donald’s Delight – Disney Cruises

As many of you well know, Disney isn’t just for the kids. Onboard they have a lot for the adults as well but their mocktail menu is perfectly crafted to entertain and be enjoyed by the whole family. One, in particular, that is a surprise for the eyes is their Donald’s Delight mocktail. Drink up a layer of strawberry and passion fruit blend, topped by a smooth vanilla ice cream and crowned with a pineapple and cherry flag. 

So there you have it…our top mocktails for you to try whilst onboard your next cruise. If you’re not booked on your next adventure just yet, why not try recreating these at home? Or come up with your own cruise themed cocktails yourself. Enjoy! 

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