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Caviar In The Sea And A Touch Of Jazz: Brunch On A Cruise Like You’ve Never Known

Caviar In The Sea And A Touch Of Jazz: Brunch On A Cruise Like You’ve Never Known

It’s the morning after the night before and you needed that lie in so you’ve missed the breakfast buffet, happily skipped the queues but your day still needs to properly start and it’s too early for lunch. And we know what it’s like, you don’t want it to be a grab-and-go situation; you’re on a cruise after all!

So it’s the perfect time for a classy brunch with champagne perhaps, or some soothing piano music, maybe you even want a quirky twist to your 11am food stop. We’ve got five of the best brunches at sea, including the only one across all cruise lines that is in the sea instead, read on if you think it’s too good to be true…



Nothing like a bit of jazz

This is one if you love France, jazz and brunch and have only been dreaming of a sleek combination till now. The French-inspired Le Bistro, with paintings adorned on the walls, offers an a la carte menu with waffles, fresh berries and eggs benedict. It’s held on a sea day and there’s jazz music playing softly in the background as you dine.

You start with a buffet for your starter and a buffet to end for your dessert with a made to order menu in between for your main. You’ll not be short of selection but will have to plan this brunch as it’s reservation only (but let’s admit, that exclusivity gives it the fancier feel we all love).

eggs benedict



Not suitable for under the age of 18

This proves to be an escape for the parents that have been sucked into a Disney themed cruise; the adult only brunch means champagne, sophisticated food and Italian and French themes instead of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Head to Palo, the North-Italian spread, that’s named after the signature long poles used by gondoliers in Venice. Expect Italian fare in a modern setting and hearty favourites on the menu for when you’re eating brunch out at sea.

Or opt for Remy where you’re offered French inspired gourmet fare and a champagne brunch. You can choose from risotto, lobster cannelloni, sea bass, veal, gnocchi and dessert, all in an intimate setting with zero guilt as the children’s programmes look after your young ones and keep them entertained as you dine for brunch. You’d never know you’re on a Disney themed cruise with the royal tones of gold, elegant furnishings and flavors to die for.




Multi-purpose nightclubs

A disco of music and dark lights at night but a venue that daylights as a top luxury brunch spot. MSC’s Ocean View Galaxy nightclub caters for the late-risers with an a la carte menu that offers traditional delicacies like oysters, hand sliced Serrano ham and foie gras. Ditch your usual homemade bacon sandwich and head here for some classy cruise options with a side of prosecco.

Even the kids can get mini hamburgers, dinosaur shaped chicken, omelettes and waffles so no one misses out. The nightclub-come-panoramic restaurant means spectacular sweeping views of the ocean are your view for the first meal of the day and the retro chic atmosphere will officially make it the sleekest brunch you’ve ever had.

champagne brunch



Didn’t you know dining in the sea is the newest fashion?

This is, without a doubt, the most unique and exclusive brunch you’ll ever experience. Seabourn’s signature beach BBQ is combined with Caviar In The Surf and will entail being treated to caviar and champagne on arrival! You’ll be tendered ashore along with all the other guests as impeccably dressed waiters plunge waist-deep into the water and invite you to wade over to iced champagne from an inflatable tray, caviar from a surfboard bar and that’s before a beach BBQ where you’ll be served traditional favourites, shrimp skewers, steak and lobster from silver and fine china.

Caviar In The Surf On Seabourn

Imagine enjoying these festivities in the crystal water of Isla Catalina in the Dominion Republic or the sandy beaches of Prickly Pear island in the British Virgin Isles. It’ll be an even more unforgettable brunch with the watersports you can enjoy too whilst you soak up the sun. How many people can really say they’ve done this?



Those were our top five brunches at sea like you’ve never known it! Which one do you fancy? Do you like a bit of jazz as you dine for a touch of class or are you desperate to try brunch in the sea with Seabourn? Which ships have you been on that get brunch spot-on? Leave us your thoughts below!

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