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Carnival passenger almost stranded in undertow

Carnival passenger almost stranded in undertow

A passenger onboard the Carnival Dream was almost stranded in a hazardous undertow after flying down the ship’s Twister water slide.


Carnival Dream At Sea

Carnival Dream At Sea

Speaking to St Louis news provider STL Today, Pat Busovicki explained that her journey on the vessel almost ended in a nightmare when she fell and almost drowned.

However, Ms Busovicki said that cruise lines are not working hard enough to protect their customers from the dangers that come with travelling on the seas.

When she visited the ship’s doctor, she realised the real seriousness of the incident and learnt that she almost drowned as a result of the fall. With the event ruining the rest of her holiday, the situation was worsened when Carnival did not try to compensate for the error.

In an email, Carnival admitted it is “extremely sorry” for the accident and insisted that all of the required safety procedures were followed.

The news provider reports the email said: “The safety and well-being of our guests are at the forefront of our mind on all cruises, with making sure that you have a fun and memorable vacation coming a close second.”

Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz said Ms Busovicki was treated with “care and compassion”, adding that the guest services team monitored her condition several times and held an in-person meeting to discuss any concerns.

The issues raises the question whether cruise lines are doing as much as they can to protect passengers. The Cruise Passenger Protection Act is one legislation being considered at the moment.

This rule would persuade cruise lines to provide a clear summary of the restrictive terms and conditions in contracts, giving the government more power in order to help ensure the safety of cruise ship passengers.

With worries over Ebola recently dominating the headlines, this case highlights other, often overlooked, dangers facing passengers on cruise ships.

Do you feel you are safe on a cruise ship, or do you believe more legislation should be introduced? Let us know below.

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